This Man Was Told He Will Not Survive His Operation. Doctors Did Not Expect THIS Response!

Nguyen Duy Hai, had a 200lb tumor which doctors initially said they will not be able to

What A McDonald’s Commercial SHOULD Look Like

RT created an honest version of what a McDonald’s commercial should look like and they nailed it. Aside from

Get Rid of 80% of Your Body’s Toxins in 3 Weeks With These Tips

Almost everyone has a buildup of toxins in their body.  It’s hard to avoid today.  What can

John Oliver Absolutely Destroys Dr. Oz Over Dietary Supplements

John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. When he

8 Natural Mosquito Repellents To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

In the winter, we complain about the cold. In the summer, it’s the heat—and the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes

Top 8 Super Foods That Can Heal Your Entire Body

The grocery aisles have displayed foods for decades that are nutritionally deficient. Poor soil conditions combined with

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It’s Not Just the Bees – Pesticides Wiping Out Birds Too

Netherlands researchers fear the second coming of Silent Spring. “Neonicotinoids were always regarded as selective toxins. But our results suggest that they may affect the entire ecosystem,” says Hans de Kroon of Radboud University and co-author of a study recently published in Nature journal. It’s

Scientists Induce Lucid Dreams With Electrical Stimulation

Researchers discover how to induce lucid dreaming by stimulating the lower gamma band during REM sleep. Are actually effective commercial lucid dream-inducing devices far behind? Lucid dreaming has long been a fascination of mankind: The ability to become lucid during a

They Were Wakeboarding On The Open Sea When Suddenly They Saw THIS. Incredible!

This group of people were out on the Sea of Cortez wake-boarding when they caught this incredible moment on camera. This is a once in a lifetime experience which they will never forget! e SHARE