Healthy Snack Ideas For More Wholesome Eating

It would be nice to think we’re all going to start reaching for a raw carrot or

Grounding – Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Do you ever feel like you are all over the place? Are you a little forgetful and

Juicing—One Of The Best Tools For Improving Your Health

Vegetable juice is an enormously helpful tool for improving your health. Dr. Andrew Saul, who’s been a

Optimism Gives Your Heart Health a Boost

Mounting research reveals that you cannot separate your health from your emotions, and numerous studies support the

This Is What Looking Down At Your Cell Phone Does To Your Spine

By Katharine J. Tobal Our cell phones and tablets have transformed the way we hold our bodies—and not

What Does Your Acne Tell You About Your Health?

Acne is the scourge of the adolescent youth and annoying for everyone else, and while it can

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A Village Worked Together To Build A Suspension Bridge. By Hand.

Every year, the residents of Cuzco, Peru, work with each other to to build a suspension bridge over the River Apurimac. It’s a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. The length of the tradition alone is amazing, especially when you consider that

Some Kids Were Digging In Their Yard When They Made An Unbelievable Discovery. You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Did you ever dig around in your sandbox thinking you were going to find something just so amazing and strike it rich? Maybe you’d be the discoverer of a lost city or a new kind of dinosaur! Thinking about it, I

8 Incredible Archaeological Finds That Probably Weren’t In Your History Textbooks

  1. The unfinished obelisk. For how long and complex human history is, it’s no big surprise to me that it would miss a few major places and events, right? Well we’ll help you fill in the gaps a bit. This

In China, People Are Selling Animal Cruelty In The Form Of A Fashionable Accessory

As China’s economy continues to boom, more people are celebrating their family’s and their country’s new wealth. Fast food restaurants, sports cars, and high end professional sports are becoming mainstays in China’s society. But then there are the smaller, and admittedly

What If Animals Treated Us The Way We Treat Them?

What would life be like if animals treated us the same way we treat them? These incredibly thought-provoking cartoons that reverse the human/animal roles will make you cringe when you realize what it would be like to be in the same

Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photos Ever Taken

After looking at these stunning photographs, I couldn’t imagine a circumstance in which squirrels would act like that. But apparently they did and Russian nature photographer Vadim Trunov was there to capture the whole encounter. Admittedly, this isn’t all just a