Meet Kazım Gürbüz, A 95-Year-Old Yogi From Turkey Who Looks Half His Age

This is 95-year-old yoga master Kazım Gürbüz, who looks closer to 50 than 100. Gürbüz still enjoys an active

59 Year Old Grandmother Still Going Strong As A Fashion Model

In their late 20s, most women aren’t considering modelling careers, let alone at 59. But not only

Long Term Exposure To Small Amounts Of Roundup Herbicide Changes Gene Expression Leading To Kidney, Liver Damage

by RT Long-term intake of the Monsanto’s most popular Roundup herbicide, even in very small amounts lower than permissible

6 Ways Travel Is Good for Your Health

Everyone loves vacationing, but did you know that travel is actually amazing for your health, too? In

Over 400 Companies That Aren’t Using GMO’s In Their Products

by Christina Sarich, If you want to keep eating poison food, you can join the ‘scientists’ who keep

Junk food And Your Brain

by James Clear, Most of us know that junk food is unhealthy. We know that poor nutrition is

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This Is What Happened When Mexico Asked Graffiti Artists To Paint 200 Houses

Mexico doesn’t get much good press. If it’s not criminal gangs murdering students, it’s El Chapo’s escape one of Mexico’s highest security prisons. We kind of wanted to play on that with our title, because it implies something negative happens. But you’ll

This Bridge In Norway Looks Like It Is Heading Nowhere

This amazing structure is the Norway’s landmark. The road is known as the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian). The bridge has been termed as Storseisundet and it makes quite a sharp bend right about when it jumps over a couple