You Can’t Be Angry After Watching These Adorable Babies And 3 Other Strategies To Let Go Of Anger

One provoking situation can be enough to make you angry throughout your whole day. In order to avoid complicating things, you need to return to your happy place.

Yet, when you’re still having angry thoughts, you just can’t command your mind to change channels quickly. Things don’t happen that way.

There must be a cooling down period before you can keep your mind in total peace and raise your vibes.

To do so, the following 3 techniques might be of help to you:

1. Look at a picture of someone you love.

Probably, you’re keeping a picture of your loved one in your wallet or phone. They might be your significant other, your child, your pet, or your favorite object.

It can also be a picture of a breathtaking landscape, as long as it makes you feel good and powerful. Gaze at this picture for two or more minutes until you feel your mind calming.

When you’re feeling positive again and vibrating higher, the situation which causes you anger can no longer affect you that much.

2. Take five second count breaths.

Another good strategy to calm your mind after getting upset is taking the five second count breaths.

As you inhale slowly, count from 1 up to 5. Hold your breath for five seconds. Upon the exhale, count from 1 up to 5 again. Repeat this process until your mind calms down.

This process also works in stressful situations where your mind starts to get frantic. Doing this slows your heart rate, making your mind to calm down.

3. Watch a funny video.

A funny video might be what you need when you’re upset. Laughter may not only be a good medicine but a good antidote for angry feelings too.

You can select from a lot of funny videos on YouTube or watch funny shows on TV. Having a good laugh just raises your vibration automatically.

And you might be just one video away from feeling happy again. Especially if the video includes babies.

You Can’t Be Angry After Watching These Adorable Babies:

Just like any other emotions, anger should not be suppressed nor avoided. Get angry when you have to but let it not get the best out of you. When you do the following strategies after a bout with anger, keeping your good vibes would never be a problem.

Credit: Life Coach Code

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