Video Shows How A Gender-Reveal Party Sparked an $8 Million Massive Wildfire

The US Forest Service released a video showing Dennis Dickey and his wife found out the gender of their baby and simultaneously started a wildfire.

The Sawmill fire torched 47,000 acres of grasslands, 800 firefighters were required to extinguish the blaze, costing the state $8 millions of dollars.

Border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey pleaded guilty to accidentally starting the fire in the field of the Coronado National Forest, near Green Valley, Arizona.

Dickey had filled the target with pink and blue powder. He had also added Tannerite, a highly explosive substance.

The Sawmill fire burned for nearly two weeks and though no buildings were destroyed, the fire drove dozens of people from their homes.

Dickey called 911 immediately and reported what he had done.. was sentenced to five years of probation and agreed to take part in a public service announcement for the Forest Service. He is committed to paying $240,000 in restitution to the government over the next 20 years.

Whatever happened to gender reveal parties where it’s you, your partner and the doctor and the doctor shows you a picture?

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