UPS Driver Entertains Himself At Work By Taking Photos With Every Dog He Meets

Jason Hardesty, a UPS driver, takes photos with every dog he meets, and posts them to his Instagram page, using a hashtag #pupsofjay.

Dogs are our favorite fellows, that’s for sure. Dog lovers find it hard not to pet a pooch whenever they meet one on the street, and one young guy has started a tradition of this practice!

Namely, Jason Hardesty from New Orleans, Louisiana, “a very easily entertained UPS driver”, as he describes himself, started snapping photos of his encounters with dogs.

The UPS driver regularly posts them to his Instagram page and uses the hashtag #pupsofjay.

Over time, his photos started getting lots of new fans! He currently has over 80.8k followers, who are eagerly waiting for him to post a photo of the canine friend he had met that day.

Numerous UPS drivers share pictures with the pups they meet while at work, and they have even created a Facebook group, called ‘UPS Dogs’. They often snap photos with other animals as well, including sheep, goats, deer, chickens, and alpacas.

The company is more than a century old and offers various services, with package delivery being its most prominent one.

Meet Jay and his furry little friends:

1. Jay And Bit

2. Jay And Kash

3. Jay And Prince

4. Jay And Morgan

5. Jay And Stanly

6. Jay And Gov

7. Jay And Liath

8. Jay And Sofia

9. Jay And Kingsley

10. Jay And Jiggy

11. Jay And Louis

12. Higgins And Jay

13. Summer And Jay

14. Jay, Oy And Belle

15. Jay And Cusha

16. Jay And Spot

17. Pups Of Jay

18. Jay And Trixie

19. Jay And Ruby

20. Jay And Louie

21. Jay And Ziggy

22. Jay And Josie

23. Random “Family Time”

24. Jay And Dakota

25. Jay And Charlie

26. Jay And Sophie

27. Jay, Chula And Chapo

28. Jay And Half Pint

29. Jay And Gus

30. Jay And Bella





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