Two Minute Film Showing How We All Need The Wilderness To Find Balance And Inner Connectedness


There is just something to nature that captures our spirit. Maybe the feeling dates back to the time when our ancestors co exist with the species in the wild.

The wild is their home, the abode where they feel they truly belong. That spirit of belongingness and connectedness to nature had been carried over by our genes.

And it’s that spirit that makes us restless when things in this modern times seem to get out of hand.

For most of us who are confined inside the four walls of our homes or offices, we have this deep urge to connect with nature.

We long to feel once again the balance and connectedness when we’re alone in nature. If we ignore this deep longing, worries and problems seem to overwhelm us.

From time to time, we need to disconnect from the chaos brought about by the advancement in our civilization.

We need to feel wild and free even for a short period of time. It’s a craving, like thirst and hunger.

We need to be alone in peace and quiet while immersing ourselves in the vastness of nature. We need a space to breathe and to be. It’s how we recharge.

Nature has the ability to heighten our senses, making us fully present in the moment and reconnect with the core of ourselves.

When we walk in the woods or the mystical ways of a forest, we fully use all of our senses and we notice every tiny detail that is part of the grand network of life.

We notice the wind that brushes our hair, the fresh forest smell, the chirping of the birds, the gentle breeze, the green leaves, beautiful flowers, even the tiny creepers on our path.

All these things keep us aware and present. Most importantly, they keep us relaxed while we feel the oneness with nature surrounding us.

When we get back to the daily grind of life, feeling refreshed, we’ll discover our worries don’t cost a dime. We will find solutions to our problems we never have thought of before.

If all these things resonate with you, spend some time in nature. Feel how it calms your spirit and soothes your senses.

And if you’re like the German triathlete, Liz Kellerer, who disconnects from the outside world through swimming, then you may enjoy swimming in cool waters in the wild.

Watch the following video and be mesmerized by how the quiet waters can restore balance and inner connection.

Let this video carry you to the wild and be refreshed even for two minutes today:

Video Credit: Teepee Films


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