Thousands Of Martial Artists Display Unworldly Discipline In Perfect Unison

The real value of martial arts lies not in the practice itself but in the acquisition of the internal qualities developed through the learning process. When you practice martial arts, and if you do it for a long period of time, you can’t help but discover yourself along the way. The lessons you learn apply to all areas of your life.

The legendary Japanese swordsman, Myamoto Musashi, found that the more he looked for proficiency and efficiency in all his training, the more he looked for those in all things.His training unconsciously encouraged him to look for the deeper purpose in everything that he did.

At the core of martial arts is discipline. The ability to control emotions, desires, and reactions are all attainable with the right amount of discipline. Martial arts teach this type of control. It doesn’t focus on the strength of the opponent but on your ability to implement your skills, strengths, and perseverance when necessary.

The Samurai even considers that the greatest warrior is he who gets to defeat himself. The one who conquers himself is stronger than one who has conquered thousand people.

Martial arts instills self discipline in you through the sole act of practicing it. It’s almost like a journey. It teaches through controlled movements, thinking before acting, and consciously honing your response to the surroundings with complete awareness. However, most importantly, it teaches you through the act of being responsible to practice it almost every day for a long period of time, even if it hurts sometimes.

This teaches general discipline and it relates to your ability to control your feelings and overcome your weaknesses. Discipline is a martial artist’s way of life, so to speak.

In the real world, even if we don’t practice martial arts, we can apply the self discipline it teaches by having control of our actions and reactions. This is a sign of inner strength that can be developed through constant practice. Having self control helps us kick bad habits like procrastination or addiction of any kind.

Motivation is a powerful force to give you a kick start, but discipline is the thing that will lead you through for the rest of the way. Motivation fades quickly, discipline persists. No matter how ordinary or average we are, we have the potential to learn the self discipline of a martial artist. And this is probably the only superpower anyone can unlock. Looking at a martial artist perform, we are awed by their laser like focus and unbelievably perfect movements.

But what if hundreds or a thousand of martial artists perform simultaneously in perfect unison?

It must be a glorious sight. And that’s exactly how the martial artists in the video below perform.

This impressive video of China’s Kung Fu students will amaze you about how discipline can create a routine of thousands of people in perfect unison.

Aside from their physical agility, stamina and prowess, their perfect unison is a sight to behold. It’s a sight that is awestrucking and enlightening.

Thousands Of Martial Artists Display Unworldly Discipline:


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