This Sheep Ran Away To Avoid Shearing, Hides Out In A Cave For 6 Years And The Results Are Incredible!

One famous sheep’s determination to avoid shearing has become the stuff of fairy tales.

It’s the rule of survival that mankind has to feed on the animals. Mankind hasn’t really backed off on taking advantage of everything that nature has to offer. We have made food out of animals and even cut down their houses to make our own. We have not even left their body hair to get cozy with.

The sheep is an animal which grows wool on it and we shave it off of them to make sweaters for us to stay safe in the winters. This sheep avoided getting shaved and the incredible results after that have everyone amused.

Meet Shrek! This incredible sheep avoided shearing for almost 6 years. It is quite like its name, awesome! He really didn’t like getting a haircut, he grew such dense hair on himself to look like a cloud.

This is what it looked like:

This sheep from New Zealand managed to avoid being shaved its hair for 6 years by hiding in the cave. That’s too smart of an animal. He was then found in 2004 and his owners were shocked and mesmerized by the appearance.

The modern farmer stated that Shrek’s wool produced more than 20 men’s suits. It had to be sheared as the wool will keep growing more and more and it won’t be able to see or do anything.

The domesticated sheep evolved on how humans groomed them but the Bighorns from the west shed wool every year. Animals evolved a lot with humans.

Shrek had to be sheared as it needed more help than the humans needed its wool. It had to deal with vision impairment and mobility issues and also heat stress.

Shrek died of an illness at age 17 in 2011 and the whole country mourned him. “He was quite an elderly statesman,” his owner, John Perriam, told The Daily Mail at the time. “He taught us a lot.”

Considering most sheep live for just six years before being sent to slaughter, it’s a miracle that Shrek lived that long.
And though Shrek is no longer with us, the story of the determined and beguiling sheep in his cave will remain forever in our hearts.

Credits: : Wiki, BBC, Modern Farmer 

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