This 300-Year-Old House Looks Simple From Outside But Hides Something Stunning!

By on Mar 20, 2016

Built in 1680, the house on the coast of Cornwall, Great Britain, is around 300-year-old. It is a stone house which has a low ceiling, small windows and thick stone walls. When you see it from outside, you will truly find it inconvenient even if you have a small family.

You would truly appreciate a couple who have bought the property and smartly changed the arrangement of the entire house. The house has a plush family bathroom, a king size bedroom, Beautiful children room and a living room with placid ambiance.

Let’s buzz in the ancient house through the pictures. I bet you are going to love it.

The 300-year-old stone house.


Some of you need to bend down entering the welcome gate.



The luxurious living room


The ancient house has a modern ‘retro’ interior. A soft and cozy couch, TV, and a fireplace, everything is kept in the right place, making the room spacious and beautiful. Could you see an ancient trunk servicing table and a placid reading corner in the room? I truly wonder to stay here at least for an entire day.

The fireplace


The new owner of the house used the same fireplace, however, they modified it by adding modern fireproof walls and a door for safety purposes.

The bedroom.


The white painted walls make the room look bright and spacious. There is a huge colonial style bed with wooden bedside cabinets. I truly liked this idea to arrange my bedroom as well.

The children’s room.


The room is stuffed with everything, a fortunate kid living in the room wants for himself.

The spacious bathroom.


One can truly enjoy his morning shower with music.

Well facilitated modern kitchen.


Everything you need is within your reach.

The dinning corner which is a part of the kitchen.


The patio fenced with a high wall.


In the morning, you can enjoy coffee and breakfast here in the patio. I also find it a good option for candle light dinner under the sky.

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