These Photos Explain Why Throwing Away Plastic Trash Puts Our World In Grave Danger

It is estimated that approximately 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and half of that are only used once. Surprisingly, only 10% of the plastic is recycled and the rest ends up being in oceans, rivers and garbage dumps.

According to a recent study, 10 rivers (2 in Africa and 8 in Asia) transport 90% of all the plastic that ends up in oceans. The scale of pollution is awful and many of us don’t even realize how bad the situation is.

A turtle with plastic in its mouth

Yamamoto Biology

An albatross chick died because plastic marine debris was fed to the chick by its parents.

Credit: Chris Jordan/USFWS

A white stork stuck in a plastic bag.

Credit: John Cancalosi

Birds making their nests using cigarettes and plastic waste.

Credit: Youtube

Entangled Hawksbill Sea Turtle in Hawaii.

Credit: NOAA Marine Debris Clearinghouse

A fish stuck in powerade wrapper.

Credit: thehorsehoekid

Plastic ring stuck around a duck’s neck.

Credit: Ian Kirk

This hermet crab is using a plastic cap as a shell.

Credit: Reddit/u/schmitty812

Bonus: A British diver made a shocking video while swimming in a sea of plastic waste near the coast of Bali.

Preview photo credit thehorseshoekid / instagram

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