These Lamps Create Incredible Art On The Walls Surrounding Them

Przemek, also known as Calabarte, is a Polish artist that carefully carves African gourds to create devices that transform entire rooms into soothing realms of light and synchronization. He discovered his ability for creating these stunning marvels as he studied building engineering in college and worked in an architectural studio for 3 years. His interest developed to the point to where he left his job and ceased his studies in order to devote all of his ability to master the craft that he has come to love.

Unfortunately, he does not currently have any lamps available for purchase as the demand for these beautiful creations is quite high. He has provided methods of contact on his site for those who would like to inquire or sign up for the newsletter which’ll announce all new works.

TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-08_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-09_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-07_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-06_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-31_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-32_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-33_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-34_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-03_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-01_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-02_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-05_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-10_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-11_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-12_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-13_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-14_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-15_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-16_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-17_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-18_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-19_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-20_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-21_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-22_605 TW_gourd-lamps-calabarte-27_605

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