These Incredible Raindrop Shaped Tree Tents Let You Sleep In The Trees!

Nature is the eternal source of energy, balance, and harmony. Nature lovers are aware of the power of nature to soothe them, help them regain their strength and recharge, and please all their senses.

Yet, sleeping in the trees, in a tent attached to a tree, so you can sway with the winds and connect with your wind spirit is the ultimate experience! can camp high up in the air and off the ground! There is only one condition, however- you have to go to the Netherlands!

Believe me, it would be an unforgettable trip from the very beginning!

This unique tent, called TreeTent, was designed by Dré Wapenaar, a Dutch sculptor, designer, and canvas-architect, in 1998. It’s called the TreeTent, and it’s shaped like a raindrop.

His original goal was to ease the lives of the English Road Alert Group, a team of tree-sitting activists who protest against deforestation by chaining themselves to trees about to be cut down.

Wapenaar said:

“The story of my tents as they relate to campsites, however, started with the Treetents which were originally designed for the Road Alert Group in England. This group of activists fights against the excessive construction of highways through forests.

During their protest, they cover themselves and hide and live in the trees to fight as long as possible against the rushing violence of the chain sawers. The Tree tents would provide a comfortable place for them to stay during their habitation of the forest and prevent the trees from being cut down. “

Yet, the group never got to use the tents, as a representative of a campsite convinced Wapenaar to sell his idea the moment he saw the original sketches.

He explained:

“He designed a tent in the form of a water drop, to be suspended high above the ground between two giant trees. There, individuals could comfortably hold out against the superior forces ranged against them for some time.

What a fine picture it would make: tents hanging among the leaves and branches like green tears, a sign of mourning.

The idea was for demonstrators to nestle close to the treetop, swaying in the wind, out of reach for the arm of the law. The hanging tents still embody this desire to escape gravity. As holiday accommodation they are certainly an alternative to flat-dwellers and long traffic queues.”

While it is not possible to buy the tents in any store or online shop, they are available for rent 5 months of the year at the Hertshoorn campground in the Netherlands, at €59 (65 USD) per night.

The scenery at the Hertshoorn grounds is breathtaking. Tall, woody trees surrounded by lush grasses and an endless span of beautiful land.

Guests should not worry about insects and crawlers, as the trees are regularly maintained and sprayed.

Plus, you can intensify the experience by installing the tent higher, so you can sway around as the wind moves the tree. You might want to set it on a lower level to the ground during the night.

Each tent has two floors, and they are separated by a wall of polyester. The ground floor has a sleeping capacity of two adults and two kids, and the top floor is some kind of a balcony for the children.

The tents are made from strong and water-resistant polyester.

The tent is 13 feet high and 9 feet in diameter at the widest chord of the base. It’s supported all around by a raindrop-shaped steel frame and is fastened to the tree at the top and bottom by tight metal belts.

There is a voluminous sleeping platform made of hardwood inside, as well as a big circle mattress that provides enough sleeping space for four people.

On the sides, the tent has two transparent windows, for guests to be able to marvel at the beautiful surrounding area.

The only way to go in and out of the tent is through a ladder, so you have to take care that it is safely put on the place at all times (although the staff is permanently at your service if needed).

So, if you are an adventurer and open to unique vacation experiences, we would definitely recommend a few nights sleeping on a tree!




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