These 26 Designers Failed So, So Horribly At Their Jobs…This Is Ridiculous

By on Apr 26, 2015

Everyone makes mistakes. After all, we’re all humans susceptible to unfortunate mishaps from time to time. When you or I make a mistake, it doesn’t seem like too big of a problem. Yet when you are someone who designs buildings for a living, mistakes are often seen under a magnifying glass and can be super ridiculous.

Whoever built these structures made more than a mistake. They completely failed at their job and inconvenienced anyone who had to use their creations.

1. I’ll pretend that tree just grew straight through that house.

2. I hope there is never a fire at this place.

(That can’t be up to code.)

3. Perfect for Stretch Armstrong.

4. Just move the clock!

5. Those 3 stairs are going to be tough to get around.

6. The handicap bathroom? Oh, it’s up the stairs.

7. A room with a tilted view.

8. Box them in!

9. Everyone can see you.

10. Maybe they put in the door later.

11. This architect was a secret Nazi.

12. A footrail.

13. Poor choice.

14. Make sure you line it up right.

15. A person who is very optimistic about the future of flying cars.

16. How do I get out of here?!

17. I hope you’re ready to do some stunts.

18. How do you allow this?

19. Duck.

20. The best seat in the house.

21. For if you only half need to go to the bathroom.

22. Don’t turn that fan on!

23. This is just cruel.

24. Just split your car in half.

25. It’s more for aesthetics.

26. Slide down to hell!

These architects should either lose their jobs or get a promotion for the most epic pranks ever. The people that have to live with those design fails, though, are probably none too pleased. They deserve to get compensation for having to deal with this level of idiocy.