These 20 Thought-Provoking Images By A Japanese Illustrator Will Seriously Make You Ponder

“The pen is mightier than the sword,” an old adage says with regard to the power of writing in opening the minds and hearts of people, stoking in them the fiery passion enough to overthrow the most powerful of tyrants and oppressors. But according to another saying “Pictures are worth a thousand words,” making illustrations far more powerful in capturing the minds of many. For one Japanese Artist, the power of his drawings is strong enough to bring out emotions we never thought we had and summon dark truths we ignore into the light.

Avogado6, a Japanese video editor and illustrator, is as mysterious as his works, preferring to keep himself hidden behind his pseudonym. He describes himself in his social media profile on Twitter as “an ordinary person who likes chemistry,” his illustrations, far from the ordinary that he claims himself to be. The Japanese artist, through his works, is able to translate the deepest and darkest emotions we have onto paper, leaving the viewer transfixed and speechless, a true indication that pictures can be more potent than words alone.

See Avogado6’s works below:

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Source: Viral Spot

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