The Majesty of Nature: Kayak Through Crystal Blue Waters in Rural Canada’s Glaciers

A viral Facebook video posted by World Unknown, has netizens captivated by the sheer beauty of nature amidst Canada’s outdoors.

The video, originally posted in a helicopter tour website, has been shared 23k times as of present, with the internet enthralled by the magical beauty of rural Canada and its natural wonders.

Source: Screenshot from Youtube

The British-Columbia based company, invites its visitors to see Vancouver’s countryside, offering a scenic helicopter ride over the Coast Mountains, followed by a kayaking trip in the azure glacial waters of a “Crystal Lake,” or through fairytale-like glacial melt-water streams only between June and October.

Source: Screenshot from Youtube


Source: Screenshot from Youtube

The post has garnered 6.7 thousand comments, with most admiring the beautiful scenery  and one rather realistic comment worrying that paddling through the ice blue streams was only possible “Probably because the ice caps are melting due to global warming.”

We certainly hope not.

Watch the video below:

Source: True Activist

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