The Favorite Songs Of Psychopaths, According To A Recent Study

According to psychologists, most psychopaths are not fond of classical music. In fact, they have other more distinctive musical preferences. In one particular study, 200 volunteers listened to 260 different songs.

The people with the highest psychopath scores were the greatest fans of Eminem’s Lose Yourself and No Diggity – the number one hit of the Blackstreet.

How Can Such a Quiz Help Spot a Psychopath?

The team behind this quiz – the New York University, claims these results are only preliminary. But, researchers believe they are sufficient and quite intriguing. As a result, they decided to launch a bigger study to come up with solid evidence.

In this next study, thousands of volunteers agreed to participate. All the people across the psychopathy spectrum were tasted on their musical preferences. The results of these tests suggest that it is possible to predict their disorder with the help of songs.

Aside from other personality traits, the volunteers who loved Sia’s Titanium and The Knack’s My Sharona are considered the least psychotic, the results show.

What’s the Goal?

The goal of these researchers is to use this test to identify psychopaths. If they have robust and distinctive preferences for some songs, their playlist could be used to spot them.

The leader of the research Pascal Wallisch stated that the media wrongfully portrays psychopaths as serial killers and murders.

While in fact, they are not that obvious. Instead, they are people who blend in with the rest of society and are difficult to recognize. Around 1% of the general population is a psychopath. But, the estimated rate in prisons is much higher.

One in every five prisoners has this particular disorder. One psychologist at the University of New Mexico, Kent Keihl claims psychopaths cost the government more than $460bn per year.

You don’t want to have these people in a higher ranking position where they can harm others, said Wallisch. That is why this tool can help spot them without their consent or cooperation.

Important Note: Have in mind that this study was concentrated only on a certain number of people. That doesn’t mean that the results will apply to everyone who listens to this music.

Other Gene Variations Common In Psychopaths

According to researchers, there are other gene variants commonly found in psychopaths, but can hardly help predict the disorder. These variants seem to alter people’s tendencies for aggression and empathy, but they do not affect their actions.

The neuroscientist James Fallon found that with the help of brain scans, you can spot the patents of a psychopath. But, you still can’t use the results of the brain scan to determine or set their behavior.

Even if these scans were put into practice, police still wouldn’t be able to haul in people to get brain scans. There is one particular test that is used to rank the psychopathic traits of individuals. This test is called Levenson Self – Report Psychopathy Scale.

With the help of this test and the music study, Wallisch managed to identify certain songs that seemed to be the most popular among non-psychopaths and psychopaths.

Lose Yourself and No Diggity were shockingly popular among psychopaths and had amazing predictive power. Right now, it is up to the larger study to determine if there is a true link between psychopaths and musical tastes.

Whatever the results may be, it is obvious that they are going to be controversial.

The Idea of the Study

The idea of this research is to find a way to identify a psychopath without their consent. This way we might be able to prevent them from hurting people. Unfortunately, it is too early to depend on this data.

More research is necessary to know for sure if music can help identify and spot psychopaths.

Source: Bustle


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