‘The Alternative Limb Project’ Creates Prosthetics Like You’ve Never Seen Before

London-based sculptor and special effects artist Sophie de Oliveira Barata has been creating personalized prosthetics. But her creations are not just ordinary prosthetics or artificial devices that restore the normal functions of the missing body part.

When she founded The Alternative Limb Project in 2011, she has been working to transform artificial limbs into stunning works of art. The creative designer uses her expertise in special effects to design incredible and unique prosthetic limbs.

By incorporating functional forms and aesthetic features, de Oliveira Barata aims to improve the lives of people with missing limbs.

Each artistic prosthetic is designed according to the client’s sense of style and specific preferences. These significant details require her to work closely with each client. After coming up with the design, she works together with electronic experts and 3D modeling specialists to materialize her design.

Through The Alternative Limb Projectde Oliveira Barata was able to apply her artistic skills and help those in need of limb replacements.  Her impressive designs range from creative prosthetics to realistic artificial limbs. Artistic prosthetics are certainly eye-catching.

Due to their conspicuous property, some wearer may feel uncomfortable about getting much attention. By creating realistic replica of the body part, these naturalistic prosthetics seemed to become a natural part of the body. Hence, the wearer will live normally without attracting much attention from the public.

Of course, there are also those who would prefer to stand out and express themselves through fanciful designs. The designer believes that decorative artificial limbs could empower the wearer and inspire a positive outlook in life.

Whether you prefer to stand out or be discreet about your disabilityde Oliveira Barata can create your ideal artificial limbs.


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Here are some other examples of the stunning alternative limbs

You can contact the artist herself through The Alternative Limb Project‘s website if you want to avail her service.

Check out the website and her Instagram page to see more of her stunning prosthetic designs.

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