The 7 Best Places To Live Rich Without Much Money (So You Can Bring Your Dreams To Life)

By on May 2, 2015

1. Alicante, Spain

If you want a city where frugal living is the norm, then Alicante is your place. This beach city has it all as far as climate, food, entertainment and relaxation. There’s also this rarity: it is not dominated with tourists. So what are the costs? Living in the city you are looking at $550 a month for a one bedroom. Getting around on public transportation is around $40 a month. How about a beer? Try a domestic for a dollar. Bottle of wine? A real good one will set you back $5.


2. Mendoza, Argentina

If you want to live in wine country you don’t have to resort to expensive Sonoma County California. Mendoza is right in the middle of wine country. If you have your heart set on starting a new business, this could be your place. The economy is strong as is demand for new businesses. So how much to live here? In the city you are looking at $380 a month for a one bedroom. If you want to buy an apartment you can do so for around $60,000. Want a beer? Try a domestic for $1.40. Wine? A real good bottle will set you back $4.


3. Bali, Indonesia

Strong nightlife, vibrant tourism, and just a great low-cost place to post up and enjoy life. $300 a month will get you an apartment in the city. $1.60 and you have yourself a good domestic beer, while $12 will get you a good bottle of wine.


4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are after the best possible climate and want to live in Asia, then Chiang Mai is the place for you. This mountain town has culture, great food, great neighbors and it is incredibly affordable with a one bedroom in the city running you $250 a month. $13 for a great bottle of wine, or if you want a domestic beer you are looking at $1.30.


5. Corozal, Belize

If meditation and yoga are your thing, then consider Corozal. Add in beautiful beaches, awesome restaurants, and low-cost living. Life in the city center runs about $190 for a one bedroom, or you can buy a two bedroom apartment for $115,000. Wine will set you back $12 for a good bottle, while domestic beer is around $1.50.


6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There’s a lot of choices in Mexico, but when it comes down to it, Puerto Vallarta is tough to beat. It probably sounds familiar, and that’s the downfall. Tourism is pretty heavy. But the beauty and romance, coupled with the low-cost living and great tasting cheap tequila make this a place to seriously consider. In the city you are looking at around $450 a month for a one bedroom, or $55,000 can buy you a townhouse. Dollar and a quarter beer, and a little over seven bucks for a bottle of wine. Did I mention the great tasting cheap tequila?


7. Ojen, Spain.

While there are villas in the millions, there is also one bedrooms for $330 a month. Also available are townhouses for sale for $100,000. With wine at only $4 a bottle and a buck and a quarter for beer, Ojen is definitely another Spain location to consider.

These are all incredible places. While they all have low-cost living and good cheap drinking in common, they each have their own unique style and local flavor.