The 3 Types Of Complainers You Should Avoid

Science says the human brain is malleable. Meaning, you have the capacity to change the circuitry of your brain by thinking.

“In depression, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the brain. It’s simply that the particular tuning of neural circuits creates the tendency toward a pattern of depression. It has to do with the way the brain deals with stress, planning, habits, decision making and a dozen other things, the dynamic interaction of all those circuits. And once a pattern starts to form, it causes dozens of tiny changes throughout the brain that create a downward spiral.” — Dr. Alex Korb

The world’s most renowned scientist, Dr. Michael Merzenich, stressed that there’s a strong relationship between our thoughts and the structural changes in the brain.

Neuroplasticity, then, can either work for you or against you. To see how this works, let’s take complaining as an example of a negative behavior. Complaining might seem harmless and an easy outlet for negative energy but this practice has the capacity to alter the workings of your your mind towards negativity. People who complain do not just slowly change their mind but also the thought pattern of the people they surround themselves with.

Here are the 3 types of complainers you should avoid because they spread negativity. They don’t know they’re changing their mind to work against them.

The 3 Types Of Complainers:

1. Attention seeking complainers.

These people, most often, dwell on how more bad things happen to them than anyone else.

They find importance in this, no matter how bizarre it sounds.

They do this simply to seek attention.

2. Chronic complainers.

Chronic complainers live their life in a constant state of complaint.

They either voice out their complaints or think them to themselves if nobody is there.

They repetitively dwell on the same problem without completion.

3. Low EQ complainers.

People with low emotional quotient belong to this group.

They don’t care about other people’s perspective, thoughts, or feelings.

They see people as their sounding board, thus, they grumble when given the opportunity.

Why You Need To Avoid Complainers:

We blame the mind for our negative behavior because we don’t see its neutrality. However, the mind only reflects back to us what we feed it. Dwelling continually on negative habits, like complaining, alters our thought processes. An altered thought can lead to altered beliefs, and then to a change in behavior.

Feed your mind with positivity and it will reshape into a positivity generator.

Surround yourself with things that give you positivity and make you happy.

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