The 10 Best Bedtime Drinks For Weight Loss, Reducing Anxiety And Better Sleep

You should have a time for yourself at the end of your day to unwind and relax. Most successful people have bedtime rituals to help them relieve the stress they accumulated.

Most people believe that you should avoid eating and drinking before bed, and yeah, that’s right to an extent.

However, there are drinks that can actually make you healthier. Drinking these before bedtime can reduce your stress, anxiety, depression and in fact promote weight loss.

Some of these drinks you have heard, some you haven’t. Some, you didn’t think of adding together in a drink.

But choosing either of these to add in your habit before bedtime can really increase the quality of your life.

The 10 Best Bedtime Drinks:


1. Grape Juice

A glass of pure grape juice contains antioxidants which converts the calorie storing white fat into calorie storing brown fat and induces the process of weight loss. Further having it during bedtime is imperative for sound sleep as well.

2. Hot Cocoa

Eating raw cocoa is good for your brain and your nervous system. It’s rich in vitamins and nutrients. But making hot water with cocoa in it, and drinking it before sleeping, is one of the best things you can do to relax yourself and unwind from your daily stress.

3. Kefir

Kefir is made from fermented milk and contains carbon dioxide. With its high levels of probiotics it has a positive effect on your intestinal health and activates your metabolism. A glass of this dairy drink as a late night can stimulate your exercise performance.

4. Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar

You don’t need to drink very much apple cider vinegar to get its weight loss benefits. Just mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink the mixture. This drink is a secret bedtime habit of Tim Ferriss.

5. Chamomile Tea

This tea is beneficial for reducing weight, treating ailments, and improving overall health. It has natural detoxifying properties which aid in flushing the toxins and reduces body weight and relieves from bloating. Chamomile tea is also helpful in curbing down appetite.

6. Warm Water With Lemons

This drink, even though it does not seem like it, it’s going to be one of the tastiest treats you can have before sleep. It’s soothing and relaxing. The lemon in the water also stimulates your metabolism to work better.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is renowned for its numerous health benefits. There are more than 700 compounds that have been identified in it, but the health benefits are believed to be due to L theanine, a substance that help sharpen focus while reducing stress.

8. Soy Milk

The best alternative to milk is possibly soy milk. Besides, consumption of soy milk during bedtime reduces hunger and induces the metabolic rate of the body. In this process, the excess fat stored in the body gets burned, and a person can have their desires physique.

9. Valerian

This medicinal herb, often found in bedtime tea blends, has been credited with reducing nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. You can prepare it as a tea by boiling water and letting it stay inside for a couple of minutes before you drink it.

10. Saffron

According to the traditional medicine practice, herbs like saffron can do wonders for anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. Add a few strands to this subtly spiced almond milk drink and feel like a whole new person in the morning.

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