Sound Of Millions Of Monarch Butterflies Taking Flight Has Left The Internet Speechless

The sound of a million monarch butterflies has left an eagerly listening public overjoyed.

A video of the extremely rare natural phenomenon has gone viral having been watched 157,247 times, at the time of writing.

The six-minute video was filmed in Mexico by YouTuber and tropical entomologist Phil Torres, who posts short documentary videos online.

The Jungle Diaries/YouTube

Otherwise known for his YouTube channel The Jungle Diaries, Torres can be observed patiently waiting at Mexico’s Sierra Chincua Reserve to be able to film the exact moment when millions of migrating butterflies take off after winter.

In the video, he explains:

”It’s one of the rarest sounds on Earth. The sound of millions of monarch butterflies flying around is a world treasure and we need to protect this incredible species.”

And you can see (or hear) why below:

He wrote:

How many butterflies does it take to make a noise in the woods? A few million. Watch (and listen!) as these monarchs put on a show at their overwintering site in Mexico. This was filmed while leading a trip to visit the monarch migration with Atlas Obscura.

Observers commented below the video saying how beautiful they found the waterfall-sounding spectacle.

No doubt, nature is awesome.


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