Someone Turned A Jet Into This Awesome Street Legal Limo

For those who are too afraid to fly but want to ride in an airplane, this is the vehicle for you! The one and only Lear Jet limousine (LimoJet™) is another exclusive luxury vehicle by Exotic Coach created to bring you the utmost unique limo experience. It is an incredible feat of vehicle creativity that took 12 long years to manifest from conceptualization to completion.

An actual Lear Jet fuselage was purchased to be converted into a completely street legal car. Aluminum (what the jet is made of) is not an adequate material for continuous ground duty, something an airplane doesn’t have to worry about. Numerous specialists had to be called in to help infuse steel reinforcement and a steel chassis with the aluminum body of the jet.

The front and rear suspension components were fabricated in collaboration with racing companies. To get a feel for how complicated everything was to manufacture, the gigantic fiberglass rear cowling alone took approximately nine months to create. Not to mention the electrical work that went into it with all its special interior (and exterior) lighting features.

The inside is packed to the gills with lights, speakers, and screens. A whole lot of people, somewhere between 60-100, were involved in process of turning this project in to a reality.

The LimoJet’s engine power comes from a standard GM Vortec V8 motor. It is 42 feet long and 11.6 feet in the air with the tail, all riding on some big 28 inch wheels. It is super heavy weighing in at around 12,000 pounds. And obviously, it was very expensive, costing in the millions of dollars range.

Everyone enters and exits through the single side door. There is only one seat in the front for a driver. There’s a bank of screens that display camera footage from around the limo to help the driver maneuver and see behind the lengthy land-based luxury liner. It accommodates 16–18 Passengers. The exterior is finished in a metallic candy red color. To add a nice shining touch to the jet engine pods, they’ve been fitted with lights to glow.

After over a decade of research and development, the LimoJethas finally come to life and hit the road. It made it’s first grand appearance at the Knowledge Festin Dallas Texas, 2018. Check out their YOUTUBEfor some great final trim work videos. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t stop staring at the photos of this thing with my jaw hanging down in shock from it’s amazingness!

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Credits: Educate Inspire Change

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