Self-Taught Artist From Singapore Creates Stunning Hyper-Realistic Drawings On Wooden Boards

Ivan Hoo is one artist who will simply amaze you with his hyperrealistic drawings. You will not believe they are paintings as they seem insanely real.

Some of them which rock the internet include the cute dog who’s ready to kiss you, a coffee related accident, broken eggs, keys, cute cats, and a spilled soda.

What makes this Singaporean’s art unbelievable is that when you look at his drawings, it’s as if you’re looking at a collection of photos, instead of drawings.

It’s because he has this impressive attention to detail, which makes his drawings life like. Ivan uses a pencil to sketch these pieces of art.

Instagram: Ivanhooart

Once they’re completed, he uses a range of pastel pencils to add color and breathe of life in them. He draws inspiration from still life and from the photographs Ivan took himself.

Ivan’s love for drawing started when he was a child. In his twenties, he decided to improve his knowledge in drawing techniques, particularly in realism, and work full time as an artist.

Ivan didn’t study art, which means what he is now is a product of his relentless passion and love for art.

He has the artist’s spirit that can’t stay still unless he gives it freedom through self expression.

With his unique contribution to the world, Ivan teaches us that whatever passion we have, as long as we pursue it, we can leave an imprint in the world that is truly ours.

And that there’s no reason why we can’t do the thing that we love doing.

Being self taught himself, Ivan inspires us that, at some point, we don’t need formal training to become the best in our craft.

If we only have passion and the will to polish that creative genius in us, then we can expand ourselves and bring to the world the gift that we alone carry.

Moreover, if we take a job that fuels our passion, we are well on our way to bringing to the world the best that we have.

Check out some of Ivan’s hyper-realistic artwork here:

Spilled Nutella 

This pastel on plywood actually looks edible, not to mention delicious.

Observation Drawing Starbucks 

After posting this photo to Instagram, Ivan received a lot of requests to see different angles of the photo, but no matter what image he posts of this drawing the results still look so real!

Water Flow 

Ivan usually works with dry mediums such as pastels, but he would like to work with paints more in the future. Wood is Ivan’s favorite canvas, and it works well for him.

Acrylic Cat On Wood 

For this drawing Ivan tried something new. Instead of using real life objects on wood, Ivan used an acrylic base layer before adding in the pastel details.

Wine Spill

Ivan says that he is never done learning. He continues to experiment and study anamorphic drawings.

Rottweiler Pastel 

This pastel on wood featuring a beautiful Rottweiler was finished 3 months ago as a commissioned piece. It features Harley-Quinn, a cool Instagram pup with over 2,200 followers!

Chinese Calendar 

Ivan writes on his tumblr blog about this particular commissioned piece, “I use both the original item and photography I took as references.” He says that it took a lot of practice and he still thinks the text is off, although overall he is happy with the way it turned out.

Pastel and White Charcoal On Wood 

Ivan Hoo’s art is out of this world in regards to perfection, hence how the artist has earned nearly 40,000 likes on Facebook.

Coke Spill

Ivan writes on his Instagram about this photo, “Drawing tissue paper to clear up the mess.”

Back in 2011, Ivan showcased his work in an exhibition for the first time at the 50×50 Square Invasion Painting Show. Since then his artwork has continued to take off, and he now teaches artists at the Art Speaks Studio in Singapore.

Observational Drawing, Next Cigarette 

Broken Eggs

Matchbox and Burn Matches Drawing

Bunny Drawing 

This pastel on wood drawing is all about the little details… check out the wisps of hair and realistic eye.

Blackberry Pastel On Wood

Ivan’s artwork actually makes Blackberry look kind of cool again…

Not only is Ivan talented but also he seems like a supper cool guy. He is constantly thanking his loyal fans and those that pay him to commission artwork. And just the other day he Tweeted, “You can paint well doesn’t mean you are a good artist and have the right to laugh at other people’s work. Hate this type of person.”

We do too, and we love an ultra talented artist that is kind and hasn’t grown a big head. Thanks for being you, Ivan. You are truly incredible!

Check out Ivan Hoo’s Hyperrealistic Drawings:

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