Say Goodbye To Motion Sickness: New-Age Goggles Claimed To Have Helped Sufferers 95% Of The Time

In today’s age, newer, safer and faster modes of transportation have bridged long distances and have made our daily commutes between home and work much more comfortable. To most people, maybe but for the 33% of travelers who suffer from motion sickness, taking the bus or train to work, is a huge challenge.

Motion sickness is a condition where one’s inner ear, responsible for maintaining balance, positional awareness and sense of motion, is unable to synchronize with what the eyes see as movement. This disagreement between the eyes and ears often times cause discomfort to the sufferer, resulting in severe nausea and vomiting.

Many methods have been tried to lessen the effects of motion sickness, including pharmaceutical solutions taken orally right before boarding on that dreaded bus, train or airplane ride but the creators of one piece of tech claims to have found a simpler solution to it: the Seetroën Glasses.

The glasses employ the use of liquid inside tubes which help lessen the difference between the user’s visual perception of motion and that of their auditory sense of motion. Designers say that the users need only to wear the glasses for 10 minutes for the brain to synchronize with the movement around them.

To see how the glasses work, a video featuring the glasses have been posted on the Facebook page, Now This Future.

Watch the video below:

Source: NowThis | via True Activist

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