A Factory Started To Produce Roof Tiles That Serve As Bird Shelters

A company has found the perfect solution to millions of birds in urban areas. Birdnest tiles are real invention despite all the criticism.

Birds tend to build their nests in the most inconvenient places. About half of all the birds in this world live in urban areas. Sadly, living in big cities is in no way good for these beauties. Their nests are being destroyed and some people are just evil.

Have you ever seen a bird nest on a statue or streetlamp? We have seen one at our windowsill. A company decided to help birds, offering them a safe shelter to stay.

Klaas Kuiken, a Dutch product design agency, made a roof tile that can be used as a birdhouse. Hitat Terra, a Turkish terracotta manufacturer from Çorum, snatched the design.

According to Mahmoud Basic, regional director for the national parks, the company created and distributed tiles free of charge.

Cengiz Başaranhıncal and Ali Arslan, the founders of Hitit Terra, came up with the perfect idea after seeing it on social media. They could buy it for $70, but it was too expensive. Making their own tiles sounded much better.

Afyon Nature Conservation and the 5th Regional Directorate of National Parks tested the bird nest tiles and today, the company produces five different tiles to provide homes for different birds.

Some species tend to flock in a group and nest together. Providing several birdhouse tiles keeps birds of the same flock together.

The birdhouse tile has a wooden nesting basket. The nesting provides good ventilation and prevents birds from crawling underneath the roof. That’s how the nest stays clean. Birds are also protected from cats and other dangerous predators.

Bird houses in Turkey

Historical records show that birdhouses have been a common sight in Turkey throughout the years. In the Ottoman Empire, Turkish people designed beautiful houses for their birds, giving them shelter. Building a birdhouse was considered a blessing.

Birds tend to stop in Turkey on their way to warm areas. Turkey is the bridge between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Over 6.4 million birds fly over the Anatolian peninsula every year. The brilliant country hosts over 400 different birds. These beauties have a hard time finding a safe place to rest and nest. Birdhouse tiles are a nice solution to this problem.

Critics share their thoughts about the Roof Title with Bird Houses

Some people don’t like the idea at all. They are worried that bird droppings may destroy properties and others say that the bird nest tiles may become too hot. Let’s not forget that birdhouses are commonly made of wood.
“I build birdhouses too. Wish I could send him some feedback, cause that resting stick is very handy for predators. Birds don’t use it (only in cartoon). And make smaller holes, 3.2 cm is perfect for finches, for example. This one is way too big, it’s a snack dispenser for cats now.”

Instal your bird house tile

The website provides great instructions. If you are interested in getting a few of these, you should place it on the north/east side of your roof. Keep the tiles away from direct sunlight to keep them cool. Place the tiles on the lower portion of the tiles.


Remove the current roof tile and the tiles on its left and top.
Put the nest box on the area of your choice. Do this against roof tiles on the right and bottom sides.
Place the birdhouse over the box and use a nail or screw to secure it to the tile batten.

Replace tiles on the left and top to close the nest box.

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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