Retire At 55 And Live To 80; Work Till You’re 65 And Die At 67. Startling New Data Shows How Work Pounds Older Bodies.

A study by Dr. Ephrem Cheng, a leading American scholar, on the relationship between life expectancy and retirement age ( Age at Retirement Vs Life Span) The investigation report.

The report netted several pension plans for U.S. supermajority groups, including Boeing, AT&T and Ford Motor Co., and found that the later the executive retires, the shorter his or her life!

The statistics are as follows:

“Ten working years could cost you twenty years of your Retirement!”

Almost all large organizations are in agreement, and full-time managers who retire at the age of sixty-five usually die within eighteen months! As a result, quite a number of pension reserves have not been claimed. Dr. Cheng then launched a comprehensive survey, and the above statistics concluded that the later you retire, the earlier you die.

Full-time managers face enormous pressure every day, constantly living in the emotional tension, but also need to cling to, so it is easy to push themselves to the edge of collapse. This mental and mental state seriously damages the organs and cells of the body, forming a long-term high-pressure state. Before you know it, your health will be cut short. Thus, at the age of sixty-five, when he retires, he is relieved of all his latent diseases, and within eighteen months he is gone.

The findings have shocked American executives, so they say life is good enough, and they retire at 50. These senior retirees are not totally out of work. They just re-plan their lives and lives, relax and only take part-time and interesting jobs and stop pursuing power and luxury.

According to the survey, the healthy decline of these 50-year-olds after they started their second spring has greatly improved. Many of them did not go to heaven until they were 85 years old. According to the survey, this group of 50-year-old retirees had their health plummeted.Dr. Cheng pointed out that the sooner you leave the circle of power and money and get rid of the shackles of fame and luxury, the happier you will be and the longer you will be able to live a basic life. Working as a philanthropist, in particular, is more conscious of living meaningfully, and as a result, the immune system is strengthened and the lifeline is prolonged.

So when are you retiring?



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