Recycled Plastic Waste Can Be Used To Build A Home For Just $280

Have you ever wondered how many tons of plastic waste gets dumped every day from our hoses, which could have otherwise been used for some other purposes? Plastic materials are naturally harmful for the environment. When thrown in the open, then might accumulate at the mouth of the drainage system causing blockage.

If burnt, they emit harmful gasses. Thus, there is always and alternative option to reuse it, reduce its usage and at times recycle it to form other materials for further use. One might not be shocked to know the amount of plastic waste that gets discarded on a daily basis.

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Almost 700 tons of plastic in form of bags and other materials are thrown regularly in Bogota. However, despite such a huge amount of discard, only a hundred ton can be recycled for further usage. This has instigated architect, Oscar Mendez to give a new definition to these discarded materials.

He runs a company named, Conceptos Plasticos that works to recycle the discarded plastic and rubber in order to create new construction raw materials which could be used by a lot of people to make houses across the whole of Columbia.

The initiative was taken by Oscar along with his friends, Isabel Cristina and Henry Canon. They viewed a change where plastics would be recycled and reused for construction purposes, thereby reducing the far reaching hazardous impact of plastics on the environment. Later, Fernando Llanos and Jesus Mendez joined them and thus Conceptos Plasticos came into being. The company not only reuses plastic but also sees to the reduction of excess dumping of plastic in open landfill spaces.

It also looks after the increasing population in and around countries like Peru, Equador, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba, Mexico etc. Considering that all the mentioned causes could add to environmental degradation, the company tried to bring all of them under its purview. As mentioned by the owner himself, the problem of usage of plastic and requirement of homes, remains intact and thus, combining the two conditions, the idea of using plastics as construction material cropped up.

The video shows how and why plastic wastes are used for the given is necessary to remember that the houses built by them are comparatively cheaper than the other normal houses. The reason being that over 38 million Americans are homeless due to their poverty driven inability to build their own homes. As such, these houses cost around 280 dollars and ranges from about 430-460 square feet.

The house can be made within a short span of 7 days in order to facilitate the ones in need. This Mexican company’s startup is like an inspiration for several other nations where there is an unsurmountable population living with no roof above their heads. The few other benefits of this house other than being cheap is that they can efficiently last for about 100 years and are have a well-insulated setup.

Not to forget how globalization has effectively increased the prices of basic amenities including housing facilities to an unimaginable increase in price, home has now been reduced to a luxury than necessity.

The aim of this initiative was to provide positive and affordable results in a highly competitive zone. The company was granted 300,000 dollars for its remarkable purpose. This infused great enthusiasm within the members of the company, making them realize how noble their initiative is.

The company intends to spread their work by including more and more people and creating a movement for all. They want to make maximum use of almost all the discarded plastics irrespective of how huge the amount might be. They are concerned about the detrimental consequences that are likely to magnify with the increasing amount of the discarded plastic which ultimately gets thrown into the sea. It is a high time for all to be cautious about it and take necessary steps.

Credits:  The Warriors Journal

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