These Photos Are A Perfect Example Of What It Is Like To Live With Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious disorder that is affecting more and more people. It attacks silently, making it hard for most to relate if they haven’t experienced it. Anxiety is often disregarded as ‘not that serious’, or affecting only the ‘weak’.

Neither of these are true. Anxiety can happen to anyone, for just about any reason. John William Keedy, is a photographer out of San Antonio that realizes this fact and uses his art to help people cope with and relate to people with anxiety issues.

His expressions were combined into the project It’s Hardly Noticeable. We’ve taken our favorite examples but please visit his site for the full experience, he has accumulated a large portfolio and other projects.


Anxiety can leave you feeling boxed in. You know that you can step outside of the box but when you think about leaving, your imagination takes off. Any number of things could happen that you aren’t prepared to deal with.

The box isn’t really even a safe haven, you hate the fact that you are stuck. The fact that it is all in your head doesn’t make it hurt any less.


Anxiousness makes everything seem unmanageable. Everything is constantly piling up and getting worse. Feelings of incompetence dominate your every action and thought.


Anxiety’s trap is particularly vicious because of its partial transparency. You know all the discomfort and twisted perceptions head. You can almost see how you can make things different and ‘snap out of it’.

The person builds pressure on themselves to be better. Anxiety is like quicksand in this sense, the attempt to be better and that you can force your way out of it, makes you sink so much faster. The best thing to do is not expect the impossible of yourself.


Anxiety isn’t just one big bad feeling or negative thought pattern. It’s the accumulation of many feelings, projections and fears. Dealing with anxiety is like juggling or trying to jam up multiple holes with not enough stoppers.

Life just overwhelms the person leaving them in a state of unproductive panic as they try to save as much as they can as fast as they can.


The regret of wasted resources and unattainable goals is represented here. Even after using all those matches, the candle still won’t stay lit.

It’s beyond aggravating, feeling like you can’t accomplish the smallest of achievements. So you keep striking match after match, wondering why you can’t just let it go.


Every defense you make to deter anxiety or formation you make to succeed in life, seems to be broken. Even if your coping skills were in great shape, you don’t ever seem to have the perfect one for dealing with the problem at hand.

Expectations get so elevated that they can’t be achieved and fall down on you, making you feel worse and more pathetic. If we opened our minds and hearts we would realize there are tons of ways to achieve our goals. It doesn’t have to follow a particular script or way.


Trapped. That’s what anxiety feels like. You feel unreachable, unable to explore, unable to cope. This feeling can carry on for long periods of time. While inside, you feel like there is nothing for you to do but wait it out.

This is a strong and common feeling but you have to fight it. Get someone else involved. A friend that can comfort and nurture you. Even if they can’t pull you out of your mental cell, they can keep you company and make it less painful.