Photographer Was Given Exclusive Access To Moscow’s Empty Subway Stations

Canadian photographer David Burdeny was given a very rare opportunity about a year ago. He was allowed into the Moscow Metro system for two weeks to take photographs. To get the perfect pictures he was allowed to be in the stations across the line all by himself. That allowed for some awesome pictures to be taken without all of the hustle and bustle that is in the stations every day.

The system carries about nine million commuters each day so getting pictures like these is a very hard thing to do. That’s what makes the opportunity that he was given so rare. You certainly won’t find anything like these in the New York City subway system.

This is Kiyevsskaya Station. Canadian photographer David Burdeny was given a unique opportunity about a year ago.

The beautiful Avtovo Metro Station in St. Petersburg. David was allowed into the Moscow Metro alone so he could take these fantastic photographs.

He was allowed to be completely alone so he could take shots like this beauty of Elektrozavodskaya Station.

He took stunning shots like this one of Taganskaya Metro Station. Stalin was part of the architectural team that was behind the original thoughts for these.

Beautiful places like Komsomolskaya Metro Station look like pre Soviet Russian Empire palaces. When it was opened back in 1935 it was used for Communist propaganda.

Places like Sokol Metro Station were part of the Socialist Motherland plan. Stalin had designers use the concept of svet” (light), and “sveltloe budushchee” (a bright future).

While the Cold War was in the works, places like Belorusskaya Station were transformed. They would be used as shelters if a nuclear war erupted.

To create the safety there were new lines dug beneath places like Mayakovskaya Station. There was also talk about an even deeper line that was made that was called “D-6.”

The deeper line that was built beneath places like Aeroport Metro Station is said to connect the Kremlin with other important stops around the city. The Metro is now over 80 years old.

Even though the line is so old you can see just how beautiful they still are. One look at Novoslobodskaya Metro Station clearly shows the beauty that is still there.

The Metro is one of the busiest systems in the world. It’s not very often that you’ll see Arbatskaya Metro Station looking like this.

The Kropotkinskaya Station in one of about 200 stations on the line. Each day it carries around 9 million riders.

David brought photos like this one of Novoslobodskaya Metro Station to the world. It gives those that can’t see them in person a chance to experience them.

This gorgeous shot of Prospekt Mira Station shows you exactly what you are missing if you can’t get there in person. There are certainly plenty of beautiful sights to see along the way. Take that New York City!

By Scott Stevens | LifeBuzz