Note To The World: This Virus Could Save The Planet

“Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.”- TERENCE MCKENNA

Nowadays, the world is terrified by the fast-spreading coronavirus that keeps taking its toll. We are all shocked and in disbelief that this turnout of events hauled the entire planet.

However, don’t you remember that scientists kept warning us about the potentially terrible consequences of our actions? Didn’t you hear to environmentalists when they spoke about not ignoring the cries of Mother Nature?

Yet, it was easier for us to keep going, destroying the planet, and not even considering to take a break and see what we had left behind.

We went too far in exploiting our home, so the current pandemic is just one aspect of the planetary crisis that humans created- and it is connected to the rapid climate change and biodiversity loss.

Therefore, the crisis these days might be just a reflection. And it might even help us.

During the coronavirus pandemic, numerous improvements in the environment have been reported from various parts of the world. While the skies in China have never been clearer recently, and wild animals have started roaming their natural habitat freely, waters became clear, the smog is reduced, the entire planet is recovering.

It’s like we have all been sent to our room to see what we have done wrong.

Dutch trends forecaster Li Edelkoort believes that Covid-19 might make us more conscientious beings:

“I think we should be very grateful for the virus because it might be the reason we survive as a species. We need to find new values—values of simple experience, of friendship. It might just turn the world around for the better.”

We act like the virus itself, and we have destroyed the Earth, internally and externally.

Humans thought they were omnipotent and monopolized Nature. We are no longer connected to nature.

The dangers presented by our actions once seemed too distant to matter, so nowadays, we are faced with threats of various kinds and we must act immediately.

Amid this tragedy, we are given an opportunity to create a safer future.

At the end of the pandemic, we should all be determined to make the necessary changes and create a better place for the newer generations. Otherwise, we will surely face another global crisis even more malevolent than this one.

However, this stay-at-home period might be highly beneficial for us all, as it has provided the space and time we needed to make a change and stop our detrimental behavior.

Use this time to reflect, take responsibility for your actions, and find your power. Seek harmony and peace. Find the purpose of life.




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