New Socially Distanced Movie Theater In Paris Looks Like Star Wars Prequels’ Galactic Senate

People in France have decided to handle COVID-19 with ease, leaving little to no room for panic and despair. A cinema company has released some cool concept images of their theaters. Many would agree that this looks like a scene from the latest sci-fi movie.

Oma Cinema brought the movie game to a higher level. They started off revolutionary changes, and hopefully, audiences will love the change. I bet they will. The company’s film-watching venues are created in accordance with the latest technology.

Cinema lovers had the privilege to watch the latest pieces on IMAX, D-Box, 4DX, and Luxe screens. Luxury and comfort are starting points of every experience, and companies used this to build their top venues.

Would you watch the latest movies in the Galactic Senate? We all know someone who will definitely do that.

“Whereas all the cinemas built for more than 50 years now are similar and reproduce the same seating arrangement of the audience, this concept of a movie theatre creates a cinematographic experience at the same time intimate,” cinema architect and Oma founder and CEO Pierre Chicane explained on the official website. “[It will be] spectacular and immersive, where every seat in the house is the best seat in the house.”

Oma Cinema uses circular pods filled with small clusters of seats as a replacement for traditional isles. Fans rushed in comparing the new theaters to the pre-Imperial legislative chamber from Star Wars.

Here are some of the most interesting reactions:

“I would very much like to watch the next Fast & Furious movie at the Galactic Senate,” a Twitter user wrote.

The future of movie-going is sitting in a theater that looks like the Galactic Senate from Star Wars,” another added.

“We are living a prequel to the Star Wars prequels. The pandemic will lead to the creation of the galactic senate apparently?” a fan asked.

Oma Cinema will surprise their fans in 2021, and their venues will offer VIP-Corporate hospitality boxes, table service on all or selected platforms, and exclusive VIP access to lounge and bar.”

The company added, “Much more than just the spectacular nature of the architecture, the original configuration of the room has been designed to offer viewers exceptional audio and visual experience, projecting an image free of any distortion. Oma is an experience that you will never forget.”

COVID-19 changed the game, and companies had the ultimate response. They had to come up with new ideas and offer their fans a proper and safe experience. The coronavirus shut down many theaters across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs, and companies had to make a change. The release of Mulan, Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, and No Time To Die was delayed due to the virus.

Is the new concept acceptable for other companies?



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