Muslim Man Shares On Twitter How His Jewish Co-Worker Treats Him Every Day

Working next to someone every day is not an easy task. As time goes by you get to know your co-worker better, and whether you like it or not, you have to try your best to be as kind as possible to each other. After all, you are spending most of the time together. For some, it can get even more difficult if their colleague shares different cultural or religious beliefs, and it can get challenging to respect each other despite having completely different ways of living.

Recently one Muslim man named Umar shared how his Jewish co-worker treats him at work

Image source: Umar.ptl

“I first noticed Elliot was nicer than others when I’d mention halal/haram (lawful/unlawful) and he knew exactly what I meant. Even times when a few of my coworkers would go to a meat deli at lunch or for beers, he knew not to invite me because he knew I’d say no. Elliot was knowledgeable on Islam to a high degree. Over time, it became more apparent that he genuinely cares about others and looks out for their best interests,”

Many people were expecting a completely different story and were glad that it turned into a positive lesson for many of us

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