Love Will Kill You, But That’s OK

Love is what everyone deep down longs for, but which everyone is immensely afraid of. Love is the most blissful state of consciousness one can have, yet the scariest one. Love is healing, but it can also be painful.

The Fear to Love

Most people talk about love, but not many of them seem loving or willing to love. Love is wanted by all, but only a few dare to ever come close to it.

Love seems threatening to most people’s eyes. Why? Because love is, in a sense, death — the death of ego. To love means to let go, to surrender your sense of self and get lost in the embrace of the beloved — it means to dissolve the boundaries between the I and You. This, however, is a dangerous thing to do — from the ego’s standpoint. To the ego, love is evil, and hence something to be avoided by all means.

The ego has an identity that took a long time to be built, and nothing is more frightening to the ego than that identity being taken away from it. If it’s taken away from it, then the ego will cease to exist. Hence the ego does anything to reassure itself of its identity — it tries to make its presence known all the time — and the best way it achieves that is by trying to create a clear-cut divide between itself and others. To the ego, the world is filled with egos — and egos are separate from one another. There is a big wall between me and you, the ego believes, that divides us.

In moments of love, the artificial wall between the self and other is broken down, and the illusion of separateness starts to fade away. The ego melts in the presence of love — the lover and the beloved become one singular consciousness. Feeling the burning presence of love, the ego is scared to death, and in its effort to escape from love, it’s screaming loud at you, trying to talk you away from love, so as to convince you to not let go of itself.

Let Love Kill You

No matter what your ego is telling you, don’t pay attention to it. Or tell it to shut up, and offer yourself to the fire of love. Surrender to it totally. Let love be the master and be its servant. Let it destroy you completely.

Trust me, there’s nothing better in life than dying… from love. It is a sweet death, and once you’ve died as an ego, you’ll be reborn as the best version of yourself. And then your life will be completely transformed.

Once you feel the touch of love, you’ll not be the same again. You’ll not feel small, lonely and afraid — you’ll be greater than you’ve ever felt before. You’ll be more alive than you could ever imagine. You’ll be centered, at peace, and nothing will be able to disturb your inner stillness. You’ll live at ease and in love with existence.

So what are you waiting for? Throw yourself into the flames of love!

Credits: The Unbounded Spirit

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