If You Have To Hurt People To Feel Stronger, You’re The Weakest One Of All

Some people tend to hurt or degrade others due to their own insecurities. By minimizing other people’s qualities and success, they get the false impression they are one step ahead and feel better about themselves. 

We are all unique, so each one of us represents a unique mix of different personality traits. While not all of us are charming, polite all the time, amiable and likable, we can all avoid being selfish, rigid, disloyal, and mean.

We need positive relationships in life, so we should all give our best to get along and cooperate. Unfortunately, many people harm others on purpose, and researchers claim that the main reason for this is that they need it to feel better about themselves.

People whose self-worth has been challenged tend to be more aggressive, to compare to others, to criticize and degrade them.

Therefore, much of the cruelty that surrounds us is actually a result of other people’s insecurities over themselves.

Since very young, the most troubled among us try to hurt others. Bullies are the ones with the worst high-esteem issues at school, and later on, the adults that choose to harm others are actually incredibly week and frustrated.

Here are five ways in which weak people try to hurt others in order to feel stronger:

1. These people would do anything to sabotage someone’s good reputation. They use slandering, backbiting, and any other toxic behavior to stall the progress of successful people. They want others to fail in order to feel better about themselves.

2. These people are usually cold, bitter, and introverts. They won’t let anyone inside their world and will show only what they want the rest of the world to see.

3. Weak people love to cross other people’s boundaries and get under their skin. Their aim is to stir up your insecurities, as they do not respect your privacy and feelings.

4. They cannot handle the reality that someone is better than them. Instead of working hard to improve themselves, they would criticize your actions and pull you down in any way possible.

5. If they know your weaknesses, they would use them to hurt you as many times as possible. Your open wounds are a great opportunity for them to poke you and pull those painful strings.

If you have such a person in your life, make sure you distance yourself as soon as possible. You cannot develop a bond with a toxic person, and you should not spend your time with people whose goal is to belittle and harm you.

They are incredibly weak, but it is their battle to win. Instead of helping them, you might end up being manipulated once again.

If you are one of those that enjoy belittling others just because you love the power and strength you think you get from it, you should know that it is just an illusion that will make you miserable in the end.

If you lose everyone on your way to the top, who will you celebrate your victories with?

You don’t need to pull others down to truly feel good. Take your time to rediscover yourself and your passion in life, and start helping others, make them happier whenever you can, and you will dramatically boost your personal strengths.

Source: www.momtheories.com

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