How Many Holes Does This T-Shirt Have? Only 1 in 7 Get This Right

There are a lot of ways to keep our brain sharp. We all want to feel fresh and alert, for this, it’s important to keep the neurons moving. I usually like to sit down to do some crosswords or sudoku when I feel my brain needs a little workout.

In the recent past, it has become increasingly popular to take on various “puzzles” online – and that’s actually great. Because most of us sit long hours in front of a computer screen and almost never have to think for ourselves, it is, of course, superb that you do some brain exercise via the net.

This is a picture puzzle I found online this week.

How many holes does this t-shirt have?

According to several sites, about 1 in 7 adults comes up with the right answer on their first attempt.

Now take your time, give it a few seconds.

There are probably more holes than you think at first sight! Let those brain cells work for a while before you decide on an answer!

However, lower below we will reveal how many holes are in the t-shirt.

The right answer is 8!

The two holes in the front of the t-shirt, then another two holes for the arms, one for the head, and the hole at the bottom of the waist. So six holes that you can see from the front. But there are actually two more!

You must keep in mind that a t-shirt has two sides! Because you can see through the t-shirt, it means that there are another two holes in the back. So a total of 8 holes!




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