Here Are The 20 Best Signs From The 2019 Climate Strike

Just last year, Greta Thunberg drew the world’s eye to her protests that were aiming to raise awareness of the risks posed by climate change as well as holding politicians accountable for their inactivity during the climate crisis. This year, the entire world is taking to the streets to express the same sentiments. Global Climate Strike is an international event encouraging everyone to take part in changing the world for the better by raising awareness on how urgent these climate issues are and drawing the attention of those who choose to remain passive.

On September 20, thousands of people all across the world participated in multiple global strikes. The strikes happened just before countries gather at the Climate Action Summit on September 23, where they plan to discuss how to minimize greenhouse gas emissions under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Many people used various means to express their thoughts and draw attention. Some simply used the fact that the strikes were happening, trying to gather as many people as possible. Others… well, they used their creative and artistic talents to show what’s on their mind. So scroll down below and check out the best ones.


via Bored Panda

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