Extraordinary Beautiful Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart Stun The World

Depending on which country you look at, the chances of someone being born with albinism typically ranges from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 20,000. However, these two girls from Kazakhstan defied the odds. Asel and Kamila Kalaganova were born into the same family 12 years apart and both of the beautiful girls are albinos!

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Kamila is two and her elder sister Asel is 14. But they’re not the only children in the family; their brother Aldiyar is eight, and the boy does have a more conventional Kazakh appearance.

“People are surprised that we are albino people,” said Asel. “Many people do not know what albinos are.”

Her mother, Aiman Sarkitov, was also very surprised when she saw the girl she brought into this world. But then again, even the doctors were. At first, they were even pushing a controversy, suspecting the girl had an ethnically Russian father.

When Asel was ten, she started a photo model career. Now, after Kamila’s arrival and their stunning family photos, there’s even more buzz around the teenager who currently has 33K followers.

“When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics was not so developed with us,” the mother said. “It is developing only now.”

“The doctors were shocked and thought that she was Russian. Then I started reading about this matter, I have learned that my children are albinos”

“At the very beginning, everyone was shocked, surprised. I did not know what to do myself, how to live.” Eventually, Aiman learned that some of her ancestors were albinos.

According to the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, most people with albinism have fair complexions so it’s important that they avoid sun damage to the skin and eyes. The girls know this and are taking precautions. “If I go outside in the afternoon, then I definitely apply sunscreen, put on clothes to protect my skin, headgear or use an umbrella,” Asel explained. “In the evening, when there is almost no sun, it’s much easier for me.”

When she was younger, Asel attended a special school for handicapped children. Later, however, she transferred to a regular one.

“She studies perfectly well,” her mom said. “Albinos do not differ much from other children, only their hair, eyelashes, eyes, and skin color.”

“At first, it was difficult, of course, the children stared at her. Now she feels good, we do not limit her to anything.”

Aiman said that her son’s skin looks exactly like his father’s: “He is dark-skinned, a real Kazakh.”

Aldiyar didn’t have any questions about his older sister, but he started raising his eyebrows after the second one was born. “He began to say: ‘Mum, why are they like that? Why am I not like them, not like my sisters?’”

Aiman gave her son all the answers and now he definitely sees his family as one. “He realizes that people are looking at the girls, and even begins to boast, proudly telling people about his unique sisters.”


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