Every Successful Relationship Goes Through These 10 Stages

Relationships are never static. Our equation with our partners and lovers are constantly in a shift and at each phase, it requires effort to keep things going. So, read on and figure out where you stand today.


1.You are into Each Other

The infatuation is the first stage of a new relationship. It is the fun phase when you have goosebumps as you meet each other, fret over how you look and there are butterflies in your stomach whenever he calls.


2. Annoyance

So, the honeymoon phase is over. You have come to know each other well – the freckles behind the make-up, the farts in bed. This is the part where you find faults with each other. Fights break out pretty often. The key to a working relationship is to sail through these testing times without giving up on each other.


3. Change

People change over time. It’s a part of their emotional growth. So, it is natural that as time flies, both you and your partner will not be the same person anymore. The problem arises when one of the partners expect another to introduce similar changes in themselves. Also, whether your relationship will survive this test of time depends on how much of a change you or your partner can actually handle before drifting apart eventually.


4. Knowing Each Other Well

If you have survived the changes in each other, it means a very difficult phase is over and your relationship is stronger than ever. You have been with each other through rough patches in life and understand each other well. This is the moment when you make adjustments, adapting yourself to suit the needs of your partner in order to enhance your compatibility.


5. Discover Each Other More

Once you have reached a stability in your relationship, you both are interested in getting to know each other more intimately. You get to figure out how far the person in your life has changed. This becomes important because, at this point, you are probably thinking of building a future together.


6. Soul-connection

When this phase begins, there is a stronger level of attachment that you and your partner share. You celebrate the good things in your relationship, care to overlook the rough bits because both of you are genuinely committed to making the relationship work. It is because you have come to share an emotional bond that makes you want to stay together through thick and thin.


7. Days of Doubt

It is that time when things get monotonous and you are left wondering where all the thrill has gone. You may feel that the charm has worn out and find yourself comparing all the great things you shared with a former lover, or share with a particularly charming friend that is missing in your current relationship. It is best to be as candid with each other as possible. Together you can talk things out and bring back the spice in your life!


8. Can’t Keep Hands Off Each Other

Yes, sex is a major part of the relationship but it has the power to ruin it too. As one age, the sexual drives of people change, so your partner might not be enjoying your frequent sexual advances. Sexual incompatibility is one of the biggest reasons why one of the partners jumps into affairs outside the relationship. So, it is important to focus on the other beautiful aspects of the relationship beyond the physical one, if you want it to sustain beyond the bed.


9. You Trust One Another

You are at that phase where you both have complete faith in each other. This is a great sign of a strong relationship but make sure you do not take the relationship for granted. Keeping things going takes effort and be sure to have candid conversations now and then, and sharing how much both of you matter to each other.


10. Soulmates

This is usually a phase that comes when the partners have matured enough or had been in a long-term relationship. You respect and help each other in their emotional and spiritual growth, open up to each other about things unspoken and let go of any hard feelings and past hurt. It is one of the most beautiful phases of a relationship. You doubt that? Ask your grandparents.

So, if you are stuck in one of these stages and don’t like it, hold on and know that it will pass. If you are thoroughly enjoying your relationship status this moment, be sure it is going to evolve into something even more beautiful with time, just like old wine!

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