Epic Scene From Planet Earth Showing The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Our Planet

Do you know how old our planet is? More than 4 and a half billion years. Can you imagine how long that is? It’s one third of the age of our Cosmos. Everything you know of, everything that ever happened, every man and woman who ever lived, every legend ever told, every battle ever fought is within a fragment of earth’s age.

Our planet is much older than all life on it. It has systems and intelligence that we do not understand completely.

This complexity and elegance create a beauty that cannot be described. it makes you think if any other planet is so beautiful as this one.

We are used to live our everyday life within societies that blind us to this beauty. We live in human systems separated from nature’s systems and we forget their magic. But once we are reminded, we remember nature’s overwhelming power and beauty. Ruthless in power and yet, elegant in movement.

Videos like this one remind us that we are a part of something bigger than us, of a planet that has been around much, much, much longer than us and anything we know of. We are reminded that there is mystery all around us waiting to be explored and that if we stop to look, we’ll see mesmerising beauty all around us, hiding in plain sight. Society is essential for humanity to thrive, however, nature is our true origin. Reminding ourselves of what our true home looks like is essential for our spirit to survive.

Because after all, we are a part of Nature, and we need to respect this planet we call our home with all its glory.

Watch this relaxing video that will show you a glimpse of its beauty.

The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Our Planet:

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