Elderly Japanese Women Live in the World’s Most Enchanting Retirement Home

To be in our golden years only means one thing – spending the rest of our lives in a retirement home.

Getting old is inevitable and we will retire sooner or later.

So, we might as well prepare for that day and plan how we’re going to spend our retirement years.

If only we’re living in Japan, we won’t mind spending our lives in a retirement home.

One look at this enchanting retirement home would make you want to hit retirement now.

From afar, these tent-like structures look like dwarf houses in a fairy tale. But these teepee-like buildings are actually homes for elderly women.

The enchanting retirement home, named Jikka, was designed by a Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma and was completed in 2015.

It is located on top of a flattened mountain ridge in Shizuoka, Japan and comprised of five charming huts.

The 100-square-meter dwelling was initially built for two elderly women – a retired social worker and a former cook. Today, the enchanting retirement home also serves as a hospice care for the elderly and sick.

Concrete and timber are used to construct the huts. And if you think the exterior design is astounding, wait till you see the interior.

It has a living room, bedroom, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. Additionally, it has a spiral-shaped pool to assist elderly in a wheelchair to take a dip.

This enchanting retirement home is surrounded by trees and mountains, giving the residents that much-needed connection with nature. But inside the homes are modern amenities to provide relaxation like no other.

Jikka, an enchanting retirement home in Shizuoka, Japan

Issei Suma: Website

via Source: [Awesome Inventions]

All images via Takumi Ota.

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