Couple Kiss For A Photo Knelt Behind Lion They Killed


The licensed hunting of wild animals in Africa is highly controversial and is met with criticism by many people. This does not stop a pair of game hunters from posing in love in front of a shot lion. When they put the picture on the net, the Shitstorm is huge – and the photo sparks a debate.

A pair of hunters have suffered heavy criticism for shooting a lion and then posing with the dead animal. Several British media reports about the big game hunting photo.

Darren and Carolyn Carter from Edmonton spent their holidays in South Africa. But instead of watching the wild animals on a safari, they booked a hunting trip to shoot at them. After their trip, the two also capture the whole thing in pictures: a large dead lion lies in front of the kissing couple. The two Canadians were visibly pleased, while the picture seemed rather horrible to other people. However, the travel company was delighted to comment: “Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun. Well done, it’s a monster lion.”

Pictures of the couple in the Kalahari desert. Credit: Facebook

When the couple posts the photo to Instagram at the end of June, it receives massive criticism from animal rights activists. There are also many trophy photos of proud hunters posing with their shot wild animals on the Instagram account of Legela Safaris.

Credit: Facebook/Legelela Safaris

The couple’s photo caused so much excitement, especially in the UK, that the Daily Mirror is now campaigning for an end to big game hunting and an import ban in the UK. So far, Legela Safaris has also been promoting its travels in Great Britain and attracting British hunters to Africa for big game hunting. According to the “Sun”, for example, the operator offers a zebra hunting license at a price of 2400 pounds, the equivalent of 2600 euros. Hunter Darran Carter did not want to comment further on the debate to the “Mirror”, because it was “too political” for him.

Carolyn Carter with one of the lions. Credit: Facebook/Legelela Safaris

This is not the first time that a trophy photo has shocked the public. A US dentist killed the famous lion Cecil in 2015 and then posed with the dead animal in a photo. The case caused a worldwide outcry because the 13-year-old lion was the star of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. At the time it was suspected that he had been lured out of the nature reserve especially for the big game hunt.

According to a report by the animal protection organization “Pro Wildlife”, more than 18,000 foreigners travel to Africa every year to kill more than 100,000 wild animals. These include elephants, lions, cheetahs and other endangered and protected species. The hunters pay large sums to hunt the animals and take their trophies home. Lions are an endangered species, and there are estimated to be about 20,000 more in Africa.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Legelela Safaris


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