Congo Poacher Who Killed More Than 500 Elephants Jailed For 30 Years

Wildlife criminals organize poaching trips to kill for fun and profit, and one poacher will serve jail time for killing hundreds of elephants.

Mobanza Mobembo Gerard, also known as Guyvanho, has been leading poaching expeditions since 2008. Hundreds of animals have died as a result of his horrible actions as confirmed by the Wildlife Conservation Society. That’s not all. He even tried to kill park rangers.

The elephant poacher, Mobanza killed more than 500 elephants and he is hit with a 30-year jail sentence. According to WCS, this is a milestone in the efforts to punish wildlife criminals for their actions.

This is the first criminal conviction of a wildlife trafficker in the Republic of Congo. WCS reports that previously, criminals like the elephant poacher, Mobanza Mobembo Gerard received a maximum jail sentence of five years.

The society’s regional director Emma Stokes said this sentence “sends an extremely strong message that wildlife crime will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted at the highest levels.”

Congolese judicial authorities weren’t available for comments. Mobanza faced attempted murder charges came as a result of the 2019 incident when his poachers fired and wounded members of the ranger patrol in Nouabale-Ndoki National Park.

The park lies in the north of the country and covers 4,000 square kilometers. Rare forest elephants thrive in the area. In 2010m experts said these elephants are a separate species from the larger African savannah elephant.


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