CIA Jet Crashed With 4 Tons Of Cocaine On Board

Did you know that back in 2007 a Gulfstream jet that allegedly belonged to the FBI crashed in the middle of the jungle carrying around 4 tons of cocaine? Nope, this is not a joke it really did happen.

The Gulfstream II jet, aircraft #N987SA is said to have been used to transport CIA rendition prisoners from Europe to the US to Guantanamo Bay and made this eye-opening crash landed on September 24th of the year 2007. The crash occurred in Mexico and as it seems the jet ran out of fuel somewhere along the way. The fuselage to this jet split into smaller pieces upon impact causing the cocaine to spill across the area.

Basically, there was so much cocaine scattered that it was at least the area of three whole football fields. Yes, they painted the jungle white in this sense. Now, of course, this whole ordeal was covered up one way or another. The Federal Aviation Association records list the plane mentioned above as belonging to Atef Hanna of Florida but during this incident, it was registered to a Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. According to The Tampa Tribune, Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. was a front for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE says that they sold the aircraft to DEA suspected drug smugglers and that this was basically part of an undercover operation.

That raises a lot of questions and when you think about it just makes it seem like the US plays a larger role in the global drug market than they want to admit, right? This dummy front company isn’t fooling anyone. Ever since this event people have referred to the jet as ‘Cocaine 2.’ The war on drugs is not one we are fighting as well as we say we are, we are fueling the fire more than the public will ever be aware of.

There is no denying the corruption that runs deep in the US government so something like this is not as unexpected as you might think. Just recently within the past year, a Russian man who was accused of trying to smuggle about 900 pounds of cocaine from Argentina to Russia said the CIA was behind the massive drug-trafficking operation and had set him up. Perhaps there is more truth to that than you’d think?

What do you think about all of this? The CIA and US government as a whole is constantly working to pull the wool over our eyes. Do not let them, be your own person and pay attention to the things that happen. Some things just don’t add up.


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