Bangkok Agriculturist Refuses Million Dollar Offer To Turn His City Farm Into Another Urban Center

A Thai farmer from Bangkok has refused offers from developers to turn his property into an urban center, preferring to maintain its rural allure for the people of the rapidly growing city to enjoy.  The farm, a green oasis in the middle of Bangkok with 3 rice paddies and a melon plantation with over a hundred trees, is owned and maintained by Sompot Tubcharoen, a former university employee who gave up his job to become an agriculturalist.

Developers have offered Mr. Tubcharoen over a million dollars in exchange for the rights to his property, a generous offer as prices in city real estate have escalated in recent years following high demand for housing by the growing populace. Seeing the importance that green spaces have offer to personal well-being, the farmer decided to keep his parcel of land for city residents to partake of.

Residents have come to appreciate Sompot’s farm, satisfying their need for greenery in a city where only 3.3sqm of green space is available, a very small number compared with much higher ratios other urban metros like New York City and Singapore have per capita. These green spaces provide relaxation and peace to its visitors, giving them a sense of well-being before going back to the struggles of city life.

Watch the video featuring Sompot Tubcharoen and his coveted green pasture in the city, below.

Source: World Economic Forum | via

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