Baby Elephant Throws The Cutest Temper Tantrum

Any parent can tell you that temper tantrums are a normal, unavoidable part of daily life.

Young children are especially prone to throwing themselves on the floor, pounding their fists, and kicking and screaming until they get their way. Sometimes the reason is as small as not getting the right colored cup for their juice, while other times it’s a desire for attention.

While we all know that temper tantrums are an avoidable aspect of parenting “human” children, I’m guessing that we didn’t know that the same could be said for other species.

Elephants are a lot like humans when it comes to parenting and family values. They are loving, caring, and protective of its members… and apparently deal with temper tantrums in the same way we would.

In this adorable video, a baby elephant is seen throwing a temper tantrum while the rest of the herd crosses the road. The baby pulls all sorts of moves, from rocking to ear flapping and even falling over to express it’s irritation… and just like most parents would respond to a toddler’s tantrum, the little guy is completely ignored by the passing adults.

And a Baby Elephant throwing a temper tantrum is actually a real thing!

According to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust these types of temper tantrums are common among baby elephants, who are known to throw fits by throwing themselves down into mud when upset.

“Elephants also display many of the attributes of humans as well as some of the failings. They share with us a strong sense of family and death and they feel many of the same emotions. Each one is, of course, like us, a unique individual with its own unique personality.”

“They can be happy or sad, volatile or placid. They display envy, jealousy, throw tantrums and are fiercely competitive, and they can develop hang-ups which are reflected in behaviour.”

Seems like we may have more in common with animals than we thought!

Source: GoodThingsGuy

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