Apollo, The Cross Between A Lion And A Tiger Weighing 320 Kilos

A HUGE beast dubbed the world’s biggest cat is drawing comparisons with the terrifying prehistoric sabre-toothed tiger.

His name is Apollo, like him, there is only a hundred copies and is probably the largest cat in the world. It is a ligre, and is probably the largest cat in the world.

Apollo weighs a massive 319 kgs, and it can go up to 40 miles an hour in a couple of steps.

The huge feline weighs in at 705lb, which is around 319kg Credit: Instagram

The ligre is the hybrid product of the cross between a lion and a tigress. Its appearance is that of a giant lion with diffuse tiger stripes, its fur is between orange and yellow. Like lions, male flies tend to develop mane. These creatures can only be held in captivity, since tigers and lions live in different habitats.

The ligres are mostly in the USA and China.

Its size is not comparable with any other feline alive today. Apollo is frequently compared to the sabre-tooth tiger, which went extinct 42,000 years ago.

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