America’s Most Scenic Train Ride Costs Just $97 Dollars – Here’s The Info You Need

One of the most scenic trips in America, The Los Angeles to Seattle Coast Starlight train trip combines a little luxury with some of America’s most spectacular views.

To top it off, Amtrak offers the 35-hour trip at a pretty affordable price (we found tickets starting at $122 although there are rumors of $97 trips).

Shorter journeys Does 35-hours for a train trip seem like too much? There are shorter and even cheaper trips that you can take along the route.

The view The view is to die for, so make sure to take plenty of pictures. The Coast Starlight train trip brings you through the mountains, foothills, and forests of coastal California, Oregon, and Washington with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean on one side.

This daily train route passes through Santa Barbara, the Bay Area, and other beautiful cities along the West Coast. While rolling along the tracks you will catch glimpses of snow-covered mountains including Mount Shasta, the rolling valleys of California, and expansive stretches of the Pacific coastline.

One rider spoke about coast:

“I just took the Coast Starlight last month, from LA to Seattle. It was a beautiful trip, especially the beach side track from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo and the Paso Robles pass in the mist.”

– Judi Romaine via Amtrak’s Facebook page.

The mist can get fairly thick along the nted on how much they d the journey:

Another Facebook user commented on how much they loved the journey:

“Took the Coast Starlight last week from LA to Seattle. One of the best trips that I have ever done, my wife and I loved it. We were on a trip around the west from Pittsburgh, Pa to La up to Seattle and back home. Bucket list item done but I think that we will redo this one-it was great.”

-Ken Martin via Amtrak’s Facebook page

Inside the train, you will find Superliner sleeping cars, dining cars, a Sightseer lounge car, big and comfortable coach seats with extra legroom, and free WIFI.

Looking for some pro tips? One Facebook user suggests this:

“This is always my favorite link when i hit the rails for a run around the country. Prefer to go up to Seattle, rather than down for the timing of the coastal views. Book a sleeper and you will have access to the Pacific Parlor Car which is the only parlor car (that I know of) on Amtrak. Highly recommended.”

-Robert Sanders via Amtrak’s Facebook page

Bring a pet along for the adventure

Don’t want to leave your dog at home? If your chosen leg of the journey is less than 7 hours, Amtrak may even allow you to bring along a (small) furry friend for the adventure. Just make sure to check the pet requirements first before packing.

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