7 Traits All Fake Friends Have In Common

Friendships are one of the best things in life. They are literally midway between a sibling relationship and a romantic one. They embody the qualities of both.

As a matter of fact, you say things like “my brother is my best friend” or “my husband is my best friend”, to show what the bond means to you.

But like everything in life, there are exceptions. In this case, fake friends. You might think who would want to hang out with them but they are not easily noticed.

There are however, some things in common among most if not all fake friends. They all share the same behaviors.

So, here are the 7 traits that these fake friends will show. If you find more than two of these traits in someone, they are not your real friend.

The 7 Traits All Fake Friends Show:


1. They try to change the person you are.

These fake people would try to mould you into something you are not, just because it suits their purpose. They don’t care about who you are, they don’t care to help you flourish and become the best version of you, they want you to be the best version for them.

2. They are jealous.

All of us are envious sometime. But envy is not bad, it let’s us know what our heart desires. Jealousy however, is what jealousy mutates if you don’t take action to hear what you desire and blame the other person for having what they have. Jealousy is destructive, it is the state of rather both of you having nothing than just the other person having what you want. Fake friends are jealous and all they want from you is your success. Or, they are there for some personal benefit. whatever the case, they will use you to get what you have, or make you don’t have what they secretly desire.

3. They take it all out on you when they want.

All their frustration and all their rage, they take out on you. You are their scapegoat. Besides, they just walk over you when it suits them, and they lick your feet when they need something from you. These guys are the worst.

4. They will lash out when you give them feedback.

When you call them out on their flaws and give them constructive feedback they will lash out at you like you are attacking them. This is because they are silently competing with you meaning they would rather want to be better than you, than be your real friends. They can’t even grasp how someone can give them feedback to see them improve. They think you are attacking them.

5. They do not celebrate when you succeed.

Because they are jealous, fake friends will bitterly smile when you succeed to hide their true emotions. Your success stings them like they are harmed by it. They see you as an enemy who won a territory. Fake friends will not celebrate your victories because they see them as their losses. They can hide it, and they can hide it really good, but because they are burning with jealousy they can not be truly happy about your successes.

6. They demand a lot, but never give back the same.

This is because they want to see themselves as superior to you. They want to be served by you. Even if it is the smallest amount, they want to give less than you. Real friends do not even keep track because they give as they feel, their love for you makes them give unconditionally. Fake friends will try to be in a position of demanding, not serving.

7. They will reflect their blame upon you.

Fake friends hate when their secret agenda is revealed because even they don’t really know how bad of a person they are. So if you call them out on their fakeness they will act as if you are a bad friend. They will try to reflect their blame upon you and nitpick all the little moments you might have did something wrong. They might even call you out on personal problems they have nothing to do with and call you out on your flaws. They will try to appear as they are the punching bag that despite all your flaws choose to be your friend. They will do everything but try to accept their fake friendship.



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