52 Year Old Japanese Woman Who Looks 20 Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets

People who are on their way to late adulthood are finding it hard to face the truth of aging, especially celebrities whose job might depend on their looks.

They try countless different solutions that might be harmful for their health, they apply many weird things on their skin that they are promised would make them look younger.

But as much as they fight, aging is a force that scientists have still not discovered how to master and control.

There are, however, few people who go through the process of aging with grace, ease, and youthful energy. And the secret to their youthful looks is much simpler than taking pills.

One of them is the famous Japanese woman Yamada Yoshiko who is over 50 but has a face of a teenager. And according to her, there is one massage that is responsible for her looks.

She reveals this massage called “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and shows how anyone can do it in just 5 minutes every day.

Instead of fighting or denying aging, happy people fully surrender to the changes and miracles that are taking place.

But in order to keep their energies and health strong, they follow 4 rules that give them radiance and energy.

4 Rules To Have Radiance And Energy At Old Age:

1. Establish healthy habits and behaviors.

Aging is not a disease that we should dread. It’s part of our body’s organic evolution that must be honored. We only need to tap into the vital energies inherent in all of us.

While we link aging with poor health, research shows that this shouldn’t be necessary and it has no correlation if you maintain healthy habits.

Healthy habits are considered having a healthy diet, having a habit of exercising or walking at least 20 minutes per day, quality sleep, hygiene, regular check ups, close relationships.

When you practice healthy habits, take preventive measures, maintain a close relationship with friends and family, poor health is less likely to affect you.

2. Prevent emotional aging with childlike fun, compassion and love.

Emotional growth is something that we all go through but the growth can follow two very different paths.

One is a path of love, or emotional maturity, where you’re a more positive person, you become compassionate, loving, and open hearted as you age.

The other is a path of fear, or emotional aging, where you become rigid, bitter, resentful, you feel heavy and numb, hurt and grumpy at life.

The thing that separates these two paths is the amount of play you have in your life. The more play you have the more you love, the less play you have the more you fear.

If your mind is conditioned to be more serious than have fun and play, more and more worries start to emerge before you as you age.

All struggle with negative thoughts. But give yourself permission to have childlike fun from time to time, to play, whatever is joyful and fun for you, and these thoughts disappear.

Open your heart to compassion and love because these two traits are the youthfulness of your heart.

3. Open your mind to learning new things.

As you age it’s normal for your mind to become less flexible because of couple biological factors.

However, just because you are less flexible it doesn’t mean you stop putting a little effort to learn new things. The key here is awareness.

Many old people are not aware that their biology is giving them a more rigid perception, so they identify with their perception, and they become close minded.

But if you are aware of this, you can apply conscious effort and push yourself to learn something new that will stretch your mental limits and create new thought patterns.

Read books, travel, learn new skills, start new hobbies, and most importantly, learn how to unlearn.

Realize that nobody knows everything, not even close, and you can learn many interesting and valuable things from everyone you meet.

Trade your ego for mental youth, open your mind to the fact that you know nothing, and the childlike wonder and excitement about the world will find you again.

4. Study spirituality.

Spirituality plays a major role in longevity, as well as emotional and physical health. A person who is not spiritually active can become weak in many areas of life.

When you’re grounded on spirituality, you can see life beyond the physical and material world.

The soul has a life of its own that is free of the time and space continuum, anyone who has a deep connection with their soul has a younger spirit.

They have an optimistic view of life, are less stressed and less lonely. They’re also more active in the community work, helping others or teaching kids.

A belief in a higher power gives you the advantage of being able to cope with the tough situations in life with strength and positivity.

You are free to be yourself and trust yourself. As you exercise self trust you are facing your fears and you see there is nothing to be afraid of. You are liberated.

Spirituality allows your soul to stay young, energetic, and vibrant. Regardless of the spiritual path you want to follow, give life your best shot.

Stay creative, passionate, and in love. Besides, as you grow in your spiritual practice, your true light will shine. And who knows, maybe your best work is yet to come out of you.

If you follow these 4 rules, and apply the special massage Yamada Yoshiko revealed to us, you will certainly regain your youthful energy and radiance.

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