5 Simple Ways How To Grow Spiritually Every Single Day In The Modern World

Most of us believe that spirituality is an aspect of our lives that should be separate from what we do every day.

It’s as if, when wanting to practice spirituality, we need to close some parts of ourselves. The truth is, our modern world gives us more ways to thrive spiritually than ever.

If we are to evolve into the beings that we truly are, we need to understand that spirituality hides in all aspects of our lives.

A sound body and mind can only be achieved when there is a breath of spirituality in all our activities.

Only integration of all our aspects, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional, can unlock our true potential.

The following suggestions will give you a hint on how you can grow spiritually every single day by using the opportunities of the modern world.

5 Simple Ways How To Grow Spiritually Every Single Day:


1. Use the internet to find your tribe.

You can connect to different types of people across the internet. You can meet people, form relationships with them on different levels, or just read and watch their thoughts.

Whatever you choose to do, the point is you can use the internet to find people and ideas that resonate with your spirit.

There are always someone who walked the same or similar path as you from who you can learn valuable lessons.

Find people you can connect with on a spiritual level. They’re the people from your spiritual tribe, they are people you can speak with about the deeper meaning of life.

Once you find them, strengthen your relationship with them. Your tribe can guide you on your spiritual journey and help you thrive spiritually.

2. Use social media for spiritual advantage.

Social media is a tool that you can use for genuine self expression and customizing feeds with curated information that helps you thrive, or you can be used by social media.

The key factor here is mindfulness. It’s easy to succumb to the pointless scrolling and watch whatever the random algorithm caters to you, or you can learn to use it.

Social media is made so you can customize the stream of information to be as unique as you. It is a powerful tool not many know how to use, so they end up being used by it.

You can follow and like content that resonates with your spiritual values, you can join pages and groups that include likeminded people and you can express your genuine self.

Expressing your genuine self allows you to attract people who can relate and resonate with what you’re saying.

3. Use money in the right way.

We all need money. This is a fact of life. It would be impossible for you to live a peaceful, spiritual life if you don’t have money to provide for yourself or your family’s needs.

But, instead of accumulating more money for the sake of having more of it, see money as a tool you can use to build the life you want to live.

You can use this tool to build businesses and connect with people as well as help others build their dreams.

As with everything, you can use this tool for good and for bad. It’s your choice. It’s not about the tool but what you use it for that matters.

Money could be a spiritual means of making yourself be freer and helping others. Especially in the modern world, you can use this tool for amazing things that uplift humanity.

4. Dress in a way that promotes positive feelings.

Nowhere in known human history has shopping been easier. You can search the internet for literally any clothing you want and it will be delivered at your doorstep in days.

But my point is that you can use this power of technology to level up the game of your clothing. And I don’t mean wear better brands. What I mean is to wear better clothing.

When I say wear better clothing I mean wear more customized clothing that expresses your unique spirit, that shares your values and promotes positive emotions.

You can order customized shirts with your favorite quotes, you can wear colors that uplift your mood, you can find unique accessories that make you stand out from others.

Don’t dress up to look like someone else. Rather, dress in a way that defines the real you. Create your fashion. Being your authentic self is the best gift you can give to the world.

5. Consume foods that help you thrive.

Your body is capable of emitting light that is not seen by the naked eye. This happens especially when your body consumes food that supports it to become healthy and vibrant.

There are foods, fast foods and processed products for example, that can make you feel heavier. These are types of food that are loaded with sugars and artificial preservatives.

The simple philosophy about healthy eating we should all realize is to give your body food that is not tough for it to process it while containing all nutrients it needs.

If the food you give it takes a lot of energy to be processed your body wastes more energy. This energy can be used to keep your immune system strong.

When you consume organic and natural foods, rich in nutrients, you ease the work for your body while giving it energy. This can boost your mood and help you emit higher vibration.

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