30+ Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Work smarter, not harder, right? If that’s the case, some of the following ‘hacks’ need to be implemented around the world stat. Not only do many of the genius tricks inspire people to adhere to good habits (such as avoiding littering), some would prevent a lot of hassle.

Prepare to be inspired by the following 30+ hacks that should be implemented everywhere!

#1 Beijing Subway Allows Riders To Pay With Plastic Bottles

Credit: oceangreatideas.com

#2 This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff

Credit: hand

#3 This Store Has A Winter Simulator For Testing Out Winter Clothing

Credit: j1ggy

#4 This clever packaging which reduces the use of silverware

Credit: Yankodesign


#5 “My Local Dentist Has A Ceiling ‘Where’s Wally?’ To Keep Patients Entertained During Appointments”

Credit: mtmannion

#6 This Chair Has A Purse/Bag Holder

Credit: crazycatchick

#7 This multi-functional spoon & chopsticks

Credit: Trendland

#8 These clever stack-able bottles

Credit: FromUpNorth

Credit: q0__0p

#10 Rotating Bench Keeps The Seat Dry After It Rains

Credit: yankodesign.com

#11 This awesome looking and great sounding iPhone amplifier

Credit: The Maker Place

#12 Open And Close Sign Board

Credit: Jason Chen

#13 This Bin That Lets You Vote For Things With Cigarette Butts In Edinburgh

Credit: Seth_Leaveon

#14 This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Press With Your Feet If Your Hands Are Full

Credit: WharFalcon

#15 Pet Relief Station At The Airport 

Credit: twotea

#16 “This Car Won’t Let Me Listen To Music Unless I Put My Seatbelt On”

Credit: Leavemymarc

#17 This money-saving soap holder which prevents the soap from getting soggy

Credit: FromUpNorth

#18 This elephant cutlery and toothbrush holder which drains directly into the sink

Credit: Hello Society

#19 This mug which simplifies the act of squeezing the teabag

Credit: Dornob

#20 This caution sign which will make some people go bananas.

Credit: TheBerry.com

#21 This Library Has Dozens Of Different Cake Pans To Borrow

Credit: flannelpancakes

#22 This First Grade Classroom Has Desks With Pedals So Kids Can Move While Learning

Credit: LurkerMcLurkerton

#23 This Highlighter Has A Clear Part To Show You What You’re Highlighting

Credit: chillin_krillin

#24 This Toilet Paper Has A Smaller Roll Inside That You Can Take On The Go

Credit: BrndyAlxndr

#25 “My Friend Has An Exit Ramp For Frogs To Get Out Of His Pool”

Credit: Hunt16er

#26 This Drinking Fountain Has A Catch For Dogs

Credit: Somethingclever13

#27 This Tie Is Made With A Microfiber Lining So You Can Clean Your Phone Screen

Credit: djpolymath

#28 This Bikers Jacket Has Signal And Brake Lights

Credit: joat217

#29 This Vending Machine Gives Your Money Back If Your Item Does Not Drop

Credit: qwerty466

#30 This Sign Moves The “N” When They Are Closed

Credit: ChiefdaPhaser

#31 This Coffee Shop Uses Frozen Coffee Cubes For Iced Coffee

Credit: foreveradan

#32 In Seoul, The Gas Pumps Hang From The Roof, So It Doesn’t Matter Which Side The Petrol Cap Is On

Credit: imgur.com

#33 This Picnic Table Has Seating For Adults, A High Chair And A Kids Table All In One

Credit: FatTortoise

#34 This clever drop rest mug which catches those small spills

Credit: Yanko Design

#35 “My Son’s Homework Has A Barcode That When Scanned Takes Him To An Instructional Youtube Video Posted By His Teacher Related To The Lesson”

Credit: nameihate

#36 This brilliant egg beater which easily separates the egg white from the yolk

Credit: L99.com


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